knock me off my feet....

Heloo all,
well for all of my life they thought i had epilepsy? then 18 months ago i had the reveal device implanted and turns out i have very intermitant total heart the last ten years i've had about three week after diagnosis i had a pacemaker implanted and it was pretty truamatic, i am just about human again today.......some christmas hey?.......ho hum .............cannot quite belive it.......chippy22



by queen_beez - 2007-12-29 01:12:19

to a site where the people are caring and warm and end up becoming your second family. I am sorry for your circumstances,that is why they call it practicing medicine. I am a glass half full person, so I will look to the bright side. You will now, just as pacergirl said, see such a change. I am happy for you becuase I know that you will now actually have a life. It makes such a differnce. In the begining it is the same for most. Scary, it hurts, we are all confused. It happens for lots on an emergency basis so we are so blown over by everything we don't even realize that we are gonig to feel so much better. It took me some time to get over the pain. I actually still have pain at the site at times. I have seen some that have this last for quite some time. Having said that, know that all those other symptoms will probably go away and you will have your life back. I along with many the other members here know this to be true.It is only recently that i let in sink in that I had a PM andI cried. Being 43 and having a Om. Wow. But then I realized that the last year (I got it Jan 2007) I have progressively got better.My heart at least is not a problem.I hope the same for you and all the new members. It is a shock at first but then as pacergirl states, it is a girt.A very large gift. Know you are not alone and know that no question is a stupid question. Know that you will get through this. Know that you are now part of another family, one tat understands your concerns, lives the life you do, and will never let you down. (most of us anyway). This is to all the "newbies".I amjust getting past my newbies status.LOL. But just know you now will have a new lease on life. As I have said before. Don't just be alive, LIVE!! As now you can !!.
Good luck my new "strange" friend.
Grab this new year and LIVE!!!
Have fun with all you do and come back here now and again to fill us all in on your progress.
your "strange" friend,

Well How About that!

by pacergirl - 2007-12-29 10:12:21

Hello and welcome!
So sorry you had to endure a long time in Heart block. I am glad "they" figured in out though. You are going to start to feel a whole lot better. I have Heart block as well, but I didn't get it until I was an adult. They thought I was being "emotional" hee hee.
Yes! some people only get a new bike for Christmas... You come along and receive a $30,000? gift! Yoo HOO!

thanks to all

by chippy22 - 2007-12-30 05:12:59

I am so glad to be one of the lucky ones.......i am 32 and have been( about once every so often...under stress) been passing out since birth....i had a friend who passed away from the same condition that i have, s.a.d. caused by total intermitant heart block......I am having a job coming to terms with the fact that i have been so lucky.....and the proceedure...
Was any one really very poorly after the pacemaker fitting.....i had the reveal device removed....which took 45 mins...due to excessive keloid skin...then they put the pace maker in......and it didn't go smoothly.....they took 2 and a half hours to fit the pacemaker......i was very distressed.....and sooo much pulling and tugging...
Yes i am on the mend...and i was so overjoyed to see my kids....and husband...but the shock is still there....roll on new year....and thanks to all that have helped me......god bless all

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