fractured or broken Leads

My Doctor just recently told me that I may have a broken lead, which causes a small palpitation (lose capture) when I make some sudden movements. He's going to check me out next week. Has Anyone had this problem? When leads fracture, at what section do they fracture? I hope it's not inside the heart. My HR is 30 bpm with out the pacemaker.




by heckboy - 2008-02-09 12:02:00

I had a lead failure near my heart. They addressed the problem by turning up the power. Unfortunately, the PM ran down after 3 years. I elected to have the lead extracted when they replaced the PM. It's all good now... recovery was faster the second time around for me.


by lady4law - 2008-02-10 01:02:06

Wasn't removal of the lead major heart surgery?

Fractured Leads

by peter - 2008-02-10 03:02:00

To be honest this is the only problem that gives me cause for concern. I am quite happy with the statistics for pacemaker reliability but I am less sure about leads. I have seen pictures of fractured leads and the ones I have seen all seem close to the pacemaker. There seems to be no tapered restraint ( as is found on a domestic iron where the cable enters to distribute the uneven stresses over a longer length of wire) on pacemakers. My pacemaker moves around about 3 - 4 inches and I often wonder what is happening to my leads. Cheers Peter

Not Major

by heckboy - 2008-02-13 12:02:01

I think of major heart surgery when they open up your chest. The lead extraction can usually be done from the site of your PM. If there's a problem with that, they are able to go in from your thigh. It's a delicate procedure for sure, but I don't think it qualifies as major heart Surgery.

broken lead

by wietske - 2008-02-17 12:02:08

I have had also problems with one of the leads.I have visited my p.m.controller but he told me there was nothing wrong.I have a total av-block and at night I woke up and was very dizzy and had heartproblems.After some hours I feld better.From my cardilogist I got a holter for 24 hours. That nigt I had the same problems and in the morning I felt from te stairs.I had a black-out.
They brought me to the hospital.They discovered that one of the leads was broken.After a few days I has got a new p.m. with a new lead.First they did a lead in my thigh,because I have a very low heartbeat.I have a modern p.m. Medtronic P1501DR. Its controlling every day the leads and is very specially,they say. This is mij second p.m.If you have a total AV-block please take care.I don't know how long you have this p.m.Sometimes they will place only a new lead.
i'msorry,my english is not so good.
kind regard,

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