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What do you do when your having PVC's?

In the past, whenever I had arrthymia (despite various arrthymia medications), my heart would go immediately to 180 or above and stay there. This obviously resulted in a trip to the ER.

Since I got my pacemaker/ICD and was put on Tikosyn I haven't had that bad of an episode. However, I do sometimes have episodes where my heart rate is between 110 - 120bpm. It's not just a few extra beats, the heart rate stays elevated at a pretty consistent rate. It doesn't feel too bad, but I may get light headed and a bit out of breath if I try standing and walking.

This past weekend I woke up at 2:00 am with this. It lasted for an hour. The it started again at 6:00 for another hour. I thought it would be silly to call the doctor (I assumed it would stop in a relatively short time period). Neither the doctor nor the pacemaker clinic seem to get too excited about these episodes. What do you guys do when this happens? Do you always call the doctor?

I heard that walking around can sometimes get the heart back in rhythm. My blood pressure drops when I try this. Any other ideas?



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by shulan - 2008-08-25 02:08:55

This might sound stupid, and I don't think its ever been truly suggested by a doctor, but sometimes when my heart rate is up and staying up, I hold my breath for a couple seconds at a time. What I've found, is that when you hold your breath, your heart slows down because your blood isn't being properly oxygenated. It can't hurt to try it right? Whenever my friends complain of a fast heart rate, I tell them to do this, and it usually works for them too! Just don't hold your breath so long that you pass out!

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by joy1 - 2008-08-25 04:08:02

The acronym PVC stands for premature ventricular contractions. Alot of people get them but don't notice them really. Us people with heart problems tend to be hyper sensitive to them and they are scary but for the most part are not dangerous.

I get PVCs alot also. A holter monitor, can confirm if your having PVCs or not. If what you are feeling are PVCs to deal with them make sure you get plenty of sleep. Take naps if necessary. Try to keep your stress to a minimum. Maybe talk to your docs about getting a low level anti anxiety med because the PVCs start a vicious cycle of anxiety to PVCs to more anxiety. Don't use caffeine, alcohol or cigarettes. Use a minimal amount of salt and make sure to drink plenty of water. Often times, walking will naturally pace your heart making the PVCs stop. those are just some ideas.

It sounds like your heart rate is running high still, which is reason for concern on your part because it may trigger your ICD. Get a hold of your primary care doctor or cardiologist or electro physiologist and talk to them. Find out what your high end setting is for your ICD. Also ask them about possibly adjusting your ACE inhibitor and/or beta blocker. Those are the two types of drugs which have the greatest effect on heart rate and blood pressure. Tykosin is your anti arrhythmic med.

We are here for you to offer advice and support. Good luck.


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