I had my 6 month PM check today

Hi All,
I had my checkup today. I'm so fortunate. Mine paces about 50% in the upper chamber and so far none in my lower one.
I have had no EPISODES since I got the PM 3 years ago.
Just wanted to share with you and to say how thankful I am.

I, too, am so thankful for the wonderful people on this forum.
I've learned so much from you all during the past few months. I was able to ask intelligent questions today and got understandable answers.

The Medtronic rep did today's test.
I'm not saying the regular cardiologist tech wouldn't have answered my questions. In the past I just never knew what to ask her. My battery is at 3.2 and I believe she said it would be replaced at 2.6. It was 3.5 six months ago.

She did tell me that I would not need a Medtronic rep in the operating room when I have my revised total knee replacement
soon. (don't have a date yet). I do plan to ask the cardiologist
about this. What do you think?
Keep on pacing, all you great people!



by janetinak - 2008-08-13 03:08:07


I had my PM 2 yrs when I had my two knees replaced (6 wks apart) in 2002. My Ortho required an OK from my Cardio but I didn't even think to ask about anyone else there except the usual crowd for a TKR. Too nervous, I guess. Hah! I am 100% dependent & both TKR's done under general. All went well. I sure hope yours goes at least as well as mine did.

Good luck,


I had my 6 month PM check today

by MHCHAMPION - 2008-08-13 07:08:28

Dear Magster and Janet,
Thanks for your input. I am wearing metals taped to my back today until Friday from the allergist whom I finally got to see this a.m. My OS insisted I have the tests to see if I am or am not allergic to the metal now in my knee before he does the revision.
Take care and keep on pacing! :-)

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