Second Check


Thought I would write to say how the second check went on the pacemaker. This is the first time the cardiologist took a print out. He said the pacemaker was working 1/3rd of the time, no percentage, but that sounded pretty good to me.

He also lowered the voltage to 1.5w so I do not feel the sensation in the stomach.

He has also turned the pacemaker down to 45 beats per minute as my base rate, and said that I could see how I go. Hopefully all will be well, if not, I will go back for an adjustment.

When he had lowered the voltage and was testing the pacemaker I did not feel my heart thumping when he turned the beat up to 90, felt weird not feeling it thumping away, but he said he had turned down the voltage and I should be more comfortable.

Anyway, running is going well and I go out two to three times a week. One long one and then two shorter. I use the cross trainer and weights on alternate days.

Thanks everyone especially Smitty and Electric Frank for all your comments. Hopefully I will get your views on the percentage I use the pacemaker. Can you confirm that it is also normal not to feel your heart beating away when they accelerate it slightly? Thanks again, will always be a worrier, but am trying hard to be a friend to the pacemaker.



Lowering voltage

by Jules - 2008-09-10 03:09:46

Frank when he lowered the voltage is that why I did not feel the heart increasing to 80bpm when he stimulated it after lowering the voltage. It would be the first time I have not felt that awful heavy beat when they stimulate the pacemaker.

Did not get a print out, but am pretty pleased with the results. Do you think 45 is too low for a base rate? He did say it was up to me and I could try it. I asked him what he thought and he left the ball in my court.


Lowering voltage

by ElectricFrank - 2008-09-10 12:09:46

Glad to hear it went well. You must have a competent doc to know that higher voltage will be uncomfortable. It's funny but the effects of high pacing voltage doesn't show up on the ECG, but we sure feel it.
You can look at it this way. The purpose of a pacemaker is to use just enough energy to trigger a contraction of your heart (with a small safety factor). An ICD puts out a very high energy pulse that is intended to jolt a problem heart beat (or no beat) back to working again. If you start with a small pacing voltage and begin to increase it you are moving away from being a pacer and toward being an ICD. Somewhere in that range things become uncomfortable.


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