after the planting

hello everyone.
thanks for having me.
i am curious to know what others felt after the surgery.
im feeling i have a sort of a cold like tickle behind my breast bone that makes me cough and now its kind of sore from the coughing i think. i just got my pacemaker installed on the january 17th. a boston scientifc model.
is this just my body geting used to the wires?
im a paranoid of sorts.
any input is appreciated


hi freshstart

by jessie - 2008-01-22 01:01:02

hi i am jessie, i am 66 and have my pacemaker since 2006. it was for braddychardia-slow pulse. i was sore for sure but no cough that i can remember. check with the doctor on that. i did experience exhaustion for 3 months and was told i had been very ill and it would take time. so hope you can call and ask the physician on this problem. jessie


by jessie - 2008-01-22 01:01:04

i might add welcome to this group. jessie it is awesome to be a member


by Jules - 2008-01-22 01:01:12

Yes I have had my pacemaker for a week and if I am walking I feel the same and have to cough, how weird.


Welcome to the club!!

by Rewiredaussiegirl - 2008-01-22 06:01:29

Hi and welcome to the club.My name is Kay and I am 68.
I got my pacemaker Guidant (or as it is now known boston scientific) in 2004.Yes I had the same thing happen.I seemed to have a cough for ages.My doctor said it was not the pacemaker but the Ramipril tablets I had been put on for high blood pressure.I am not sure it is that.I still seem to get that tickle in my throat some days !.Are you taking any medicine like that?I still think it is the pm causing it.Lets know what your doctor says.
Take care and hope in time you will feel as great as I do now

Could be

by Carol - 2008-01-22 10:01:37

I occasionally get that tickle in my throat with the need to cough but for me its a skipped beat or two. Not saying this is what you are experiencing but could be. Or maybe you can feel the PM kicking in, if so I'm told you should get accustomed to it. Just a couple of thoughts, and I'm sure you'll receive more from the experienced pacers on this site. In any event, welcome to the Club it has been a source of great info and support for me! Carol

first interogation

by freshstart - 2008-01-31 12:01:53

well came back from the doctor, she says all is running perfect using the maker only 5% of the time so far. which is a ok with me.
thanks for your inputs 3 months for the next check

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