Returning to Work

Wondering if it is an insurance "thing" or what.

I am about to have my 4th pacemaker put in with leads removed at the same time. I was told I would need a couple days off work. I was totally shocked by this as my last PM was put in 6 years ago with one lead replaced and I was back to work 3 weeks later.

I just don't understand the big change in time over the years. Can a few of you reply letting me know how long your recovery was after having a new PM put in. One day, two or maybe a week or two?

Thanks Much!


a few days

by winesap - 2008-06-03 05:06:32

I had surgery on a Wednesday. Began telecommuting on the next Monday from home - took daily naps for the first few days. Began full time work in the office the following Monday. First time PM surgery. 57 year old male. That was 7 months ago - I've had no problems related to the surgery. Medication changes and PM adjustment have occurred periodically - I am doing very well. I know - I'm just lucky.

Lead Extraction

by patpeter - 2008-06-03 06:06:05

I had something a little different than extraction but the time table may be helpful for you. I had my 2nd PM put in 12/06 and while I was on the table they found one of my leads ( I have 2) was not working any longer, so they had to put another one in, they did not remove the bad one so now I have 3 leads. They were unable to extract the bad one because the hospital I was in was not equipted for lead extraction, for that my MD said I would have had to go to Boston, this was done on Cape Cod. Sometimes, as in my case, the lung gets punctured and you can develop a pneumothorax . Anyway, since I had a lead placed I had to spend the night in the hospital and was under the same restrictions as when I got my 1st PM, no raising arm above shoulder height x 6 wk., etc., etc. I did not return to work x 1 wk. mostly due to the lung puncture but after that everything went well. Good luck, all will be well.

Depends on the type of work

by bambi - 2008-06-03 06:06:06

I'm assuming if you are having your leads removed, there are new ones being put in. If this is your 4th pacemaker, then you already know that replacement of the generator is not a big deal. Lead extraction is a bigger deal, but if everything goes smoothly, your restrictions will be the same as when you had the first pacemaker implanted. The movement of your arm on the side the pacer, will be restricted for a few weeks. So if you are working a job that requires heavy lifting or very physical work, you may want to let your Dr. know. I've had leads extracted and replaced, and I felt ready to teach ballet classes a week later. I guess it's just an individual thing. Best wishes for your speedy recovery!

Insurance.... humph!

by Swedeheart - 2008-06-04 01:06:23

Could well be a insurance thing... but if you need to be off work longer (depending on your age/condition/etc.) then your doctor needs to contact your insurance and be sure they know you need more time at home to recoup! It would be much more costly for them if you go back to work too early and develop problems that would need to be corrected!

Good luck! My recommendation is to take as much time off work as you can!


Yes, leads too!

by Pacing13 - 2008-06-04 11:06:20

Thanks Everyone -
Yes, I am having leads removed, 4 of them. Two of them that are screw like that have been in for 14 years and the other two that are "fish hook" type that have been in for 23 years.
I am sure if a week is all that is needed I can do it at my age of 35, however just don't understand how 6 years ago I was out 3+ weeks and now only 3-5 days and I am having more done this time around. My last surgery was 6 years ago with a new generator and one new lead put in.

Thanks again for all your comments!

returning to work

by junebinflorida - 2008-06-04 11:06:29

since my icd has only been in 5 days, I can tell you:
the only discomfort I have is the skin around the wound is very sensitive and clothes do not feel good.
I am retired and live alone: I have been able to do most everything right handed...with some help putting out the garbage, bringing in groceries, etc.

I have a lap desk to put my computer keyboard on so that my arm is not elevated all the time

I hope your job is not so strenuous, but believe you could go back to work soon .You're the best judge of that.

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