I just discovered this site and am happy to see all that has been written as it helps me to understand myself and my concerns. It has been 4 weeks since surgery. It came from out of the blue. Totally unexpected! A doctors visit, a cardiogram, to the hospital, and next day surgery. I still have pain, a burning pain at the site. It's not intolerable, but causes me concern. Also, No energy. Early on I was taking walks but now don't feel like doing anything. Maybe I am depressed. They gave me a chemical stress test yesterday and I just don't feel right. I may be reading more into the looks of technicians faces, both with this test and the pacer check but it all makes me feel as if there is something more that is wrong. i'll probably be dancing in no time and forget how I am feeling now, but for now I am concerned.



by janetinak - 2008-02-10 05:02:26

I am not sure if I can help but saw your post & just want to tell you that you are not alone. We are all here to support each other in these scary situations. I surely hope that you feel better soon & get some answers.Keep in touch & let us know how you are doing.

Regards, Janet


by Carol - 2008-02-10 07:02:23

Just wanted to add my wishes for a speedy recovery. You are still pretty fresh post-implant. Everyone's recovery and pain tolerance is different and generally doctors expect 6-8 weeks recovery for most surgeries before you start feeling more like yourself again. I experienced depression and anxiety after having mine 4 1/2 months ago. I am better but sometimes I still have trouble believing this "happened to me!!!". As for the techs faces....I can't begin to tell you how many times I "read into" their expressions during mammograms, ct scans, and the like...worried myself sick.....only to find that all was perfectly normal. Could be they weren't feeling well or had their own difficulties that particular day. So try not to worry, and wait for the actual results from your doctor's office. I must tell you too that my PM was unexpected , I went from feeling just fine one day to a heart block and PM within a couple of days. I didn't feel well for a long time, I still wouldn't say I'm 100% (don't feel the same as I did before PM) but I have improved and hope to continue to do so. Take care, Carol


by MHCHAMPION - 2008-02-10 08:02:24

Just wanted to tell you that many times after any kind of surgery there seems to come a period of a somewhat depression. I am 66 years old and over the years have had many surgeries so I speak from experience.
Once the pain is gone you will feel better. Please know you are not alone and I shall say a prayer for you.
Take care and keep us posted.


by Gellia2 - 2008-02-10 09:02:38

I have to agree with Janet and Margaret. I also have had depression about three to four weeks after each surgeries. Wire placements were the worst. I didn't feel as well with the wire replacements as I had with just battery replacements and didn't understand why I was so tired and depressed. I just didn't feel like I was making as much progress as the other times (I've had 7 heart surgeries).
Mine eventually passed.
The only thing I can tell you is that sometimes we have to go through the "motions" to get to the "E"motions.
You've been through a surgical procedure that has literally "touched" your heart. Give yourself time to properly heal, and don't read anything into a techs face...they're a bunch of grumps anyway! LOL Wait for a doctor to talk to you about the results. I'm sure you will be dancing soon!
Best to you and we are all here for you as you need us.


by kaka - 2008-02-11 01:02:28

Hi, I am also new to this site and can sympathize with you.I had my surgery 6 months ago and still have tenderness and pain at the incision site....some days the pain is less than others. I do use Neosporian +Pain on the site and it really does help. I just had my first bout of depression and anxiety 1 1/2 weeks ago and that really suprised me.My Dr put me on Lexapro and then I found this site and both have helped me tremendously. I actually feel like a new person. Hang in there things will get better.
A note to Carol......I thought I was the only one that didn't feel 100% or have "much more energy" after the PM( I had never lost my energy to or had any signs to begin with). I just hope one day I won't be as tired or can make my bed without being exhausted.
It really helps reading everyones comments.
Thanks to all

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