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Would really appreciate someone explaining to me what this switch is and what it does? I have a Medtronic dual chamber PM. Seeing my cardiologist for 5 week check up and am very breathless (wasn't before the PM) and would just like to understand a bit more about this particular setting. It is often mentioned in postings so it seems to be important. I am seeing him midday London UK time tomorrow, Tuesday 11th - sorry I only just thought of this.




Brings your heart rate up

by MSPACER - 2008-03-10 08:03:22

If the rate response switch is turned on, in increases your heart rate either through movement or vibration. Most people really don't need this feature turned on and it can cause more problems than anything else. If you can bring your heart rate up when you exercise, then you probably don't need it turned on. The rate response can be annoying since brushing your teeth, or riding along a bumpy road can cause the pacemaker to increase your heart rate.

Discuss with your doctor

by admin - 2008-03-10 08:03:57

The rate responsive feature is great for active recipients. I find mine works great. It allows me to exercise and play lots of sports. At times such as attending a concert, my heart rate will increase for no particular reason. I think the music vibrations are activating my rate responsive feature.

Any how, I encourage you to discuss this feature with your doctor to see if it's right for you.


Check Up with Cardiologist

by susanspurs - 2008-03-11 04:03:05

Thanks for the explanations - they were very helpful to me.

Saw the cardiologist and he has organised a CT scan of my lungs to rule out a blood clot and an assessment with a phsiotherapist who specialises in breathing. What I find strange is that he doesn't seem to think the pacemaker has anything to do with my breathlessness. I mentioned the rate response switch and he told me that it is on but seemed to dismiss my question quite quickly although as usual he was running late and seemed to be rushing things a bit. I am hoping that the PM technician will be more approachable about the settings and explaining things to me when I see him on Thursday week for my first check. He did say that he wanted them to call him when I see them next week. He is taking my breathing problems seriously but seems to want to find something else causing this problem and not the PM!

Its horrible when you felt well before the PM and lousy after it!


a bit more..

by sugarmagnolia - 2008-03-11 12:03:49

i have the medtronic adapta and i need the rate response on as i have sinus node dysfunction and my heart rate will not easily increase on its own. the response mechanism tries to function as my own SA node would and increase my heart rate when my activity is increasing. it is not a "perfect" system but without it i would be much much worse off and it has dramatically improved my life. it does take a bit off tweaking to match it with the individual.

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