Thanaks to all who responded about Biotronik PM

Thanks to everyone who commented on my last post about the Biotronik pm. Just knowing how to contact Biotronik reps that you recommend, and then knowing others have had trouble/success with cardiologists who do or don't know these machines helps. I suppose I was under the impression a pacer was a pacer and anyone could basically do the correct settings. That was then this is now after almost $20,00.000 later. I appreciate all the help all of you have so graciously taken time to give me. Also, I noticed a post from a Biotronk pm about Toshiba laptops,and it interfering with pm. Because of all the problems I've had I have kept a journal about what I was doing when pm seemed to give me laptop is a Dell and when I hold it on my lap (imagine) I have pm problems. Also, know it sounds crazy, but another time my pm gives me problems is at church. I go to a church that has lots of high powered music...aka LOUD at times and when this occurs I have pm problems...hate that because being a 60's child I do love to rock and roll. Someone has suggested it's not the magnets in the speakers but just the loud rhythm. Again, I don't know just know these two things never bothered me until my famous day and the button happy Dr. Well hopefully Monday will begin a happier chapter 2 to my pm episodes. Isn't this great... I know I am not crazy now...well I wouldn't go that far,,,but I do know I am not as uninformed as I was. Help is greatly appreciated!
To all of you who need technology to help your life, stay informed!!!


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