Anyone know of a safe herbal diet supliment to take without side effects? I need to lose about 35 pounds and am not very motivated and affraid of exercise.




by sweetkozy - 2008-03-09 01:03:57

This isn't going to answer your question about what type of diet pill to use, but I can tell you if you don't add some type of physical activity/exercise to whatever pill you decide to take you will gain any weight you lose and probably more when you stop taking them. Just keep in mind that exercise can be just walking. Take it easy and walk a little ways and then every day or so add more and more to the distance you are walking. It can truly make a difference just by walking. Portioning your meals will help you a great deal too. Easier said than done, I know. You would be amazed how much that helps dropping weight. I used to use a normal big size kitchen plate for my meals. To help portion them, instead I would use the smaller desert like plate and not go back for seconds. Then eat small snacks inbetween to help with the hunger between meals. (crackers, fruits, vegetables, bread). One last thing....if you drink pop....cut back or try to drop it all together! Water, Water, Water....water is great for you and it also helps make you feel full. Those are just some suggestions. I hope whatever you decide to do you'll lose the weight you want and then some. Just remember it will take time to lose 35 lbs. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!! Keep me posted on how it is going or what you decide to do!


Jon, listen to Jenny!!

by johng - 2008-03-09 08:03:48

The post by Jenny contains the best advice you will ever get (about weight loss).
I had in the same attitude towards exercise, I had never exercised.
I have now lost 37 lbs. and am enjoying moderate exercise and get a great kick out of being able to play with my grandchildren.
I can recommend the 'slow and easy' approach to exercise.
I wish you sucess in your efforts.

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