Still feeling sore..

Hi Everyone

Well my story is this...I had my pm put in on 4/22/08 and went back in on 5/1/08. Two leads had come undone, I believe it happened an hour after my first surgery. I had a lot of bleeding so I had the doctor the nurse and the tech from the lab pushing on my chest (my pm) in order to stop the bleeding. So later on that evening I started having spasms in my right stomach, I was told by the nurses it was just gas. Some people experience gas after surgery. Well this went on for 3 days, no sleep because when I lay down it is worse. I went into the doctor’s office on Monday after the first surgery and the pm tech was in the office my doctor was in Mexico on vacation. She actually after running test came to the conclusion one of the leads were rest on a nerve so she turned it off. Since then I have had no more spasms but I had to go back to see my doctor to see what he thinks I need to do about the lead that was turned off. Well he sent me back over to the hospital to the cat lab where I had my pm put in. They put me under the x-ray machine to look at the leads and guess what, two leads had come undone. So back to surgery again to repair that, I am not a happy camper right now. On top of all this I have a serious problem with my doctor. I’m not saying he’s a bad doctor I just don’t like his bedside manner. And that is being nice, I will not bother wasting my time or yours going into it. But I live in Mesquite Texas and I am going to be seeking a new doctor as soon has I get back from vacation next week. I am excited about vacation but I still don’t feel well. I have this tightness almost like a steel plate in my pm area. My doctor says this will pass it is just tender. He actually told me to do what ever I feel like doing, the problem is I don’t feel like doing a lot of anything. I did have a wonderful mother’s day but I felt so much discomfort at the end of the day and pain meds really don’t help. Will this just take time to for me not to feel like I have a steel plate in my chest the size of my cell phone? Can anyone relate to me at all? This all came as such a shock to me, my husband had a stroke about 10 months ago and he is now disabled to a wheelchair he depends on me. I can’t lift him or his wheelchair and I think I am more stressed about not being able to care for him more than anything. I know I have to take care of myself first, but he needs me and I can’t physically do for him right now and I am having a hard time dealing with that. Does anyone have any encouraging word for me? I could use it, I know my heavenly father is always here for me and always will be. I just would just like to move the clock up about 2 weeks.

God Bless


Hang in there!

by Yorker - 2008-05-12 01:05:03

Wow - you have had a tough go of it! While I can't say that I had quite that kind of feeling over my PM site, I know it was sensitive, and felt a little strange for a while from the swelling and then just from needing to heal. I did find that an ice pack helped when it was at its worse, helped with the swelling as well a numbing it a little. When your doctor went back in to fix the 2 leads, did they go back in through the same site, perhaps the double surgery could explain the feeling. It does get better with time.

Getting a PM inserted is somewhat stressful even under the best of conditions, but it sounds like you have a boatload of outside stress as well. If you have a problem with your doctor then definitly change, I think that relationship goes a long way in coping with it all. Do you have anyone (family member or friend) who could come help with caring for your husband while you're on the mend? I realize that you want to take care of him, but you need to heal yourself. Sometimes you just have to ask (which can be hard, I know) and you'll find plenty of help. Could you get a home health care aid for a couple of weeks?
You DO need to give yourself time to heal and adjust.
Enjoy your vacation, be kind to yourself and keep posting here with any questions or problems.


you're on the right track

by CathrynB - 2008-05-12 01:05:39

Hi susankay,
I think your instincts to get a new doctor are correct, and not just because he has a poor bedside manner. Any doctor who implants a pacemaker and then tells you that you can do "whatever you feel like doing" is providing very poor medical care in my mind (I'm not a doctor or medically trained myself, mind you). I got my first PM a year and a half ago and have been reading posts on this website almost daily since then. Almost everyone is told to "take it easy" for 4-6 weeks, keep your arm on the PM side below shoulder level for 6 weeks, and don't lift anything over 5-10 pounds for 6 weeks. These instructions serve the purpose of keeping the electrical leads implanted in your heart muscle while scar tissue has time to form to keep them in place when you resume full arm movement. If your doctor didn't give you those restrictions, it may be the reason you have had your electrical leads pulled out twice now.
You absolutely need to get some help around the house for several weeks while you rest, take naps, keep your arm activity low, and recover from multiple surgeries. It's ok to walk for exercise but anything involving your arm on the PM side should be limited for several weeks.
Do you have children, siblings, other family members, friends, neighbors, church members who can help out for a while? You and your husband will both be better off if you recover fully so you can resume caring for him more quickly.
I'm sorry to hear of your husband's stroke, and you probably already know that recovery from a stroke can take many months too, and some people don't recover all skills, others do.
I don't recall where Mesquite, TX is, but there is an active member on this site who is from Salado, TX and has a cardiologist or EP he is very happy with, after previously having one he was not happy with. If Mesquite is anywhere near Salado, I hope he'll respond and make a suggestion to you.
Have a good time on your vacation, but take it easy and got lots of rest and help. You and your husband are much in our thoughts. Things WILL get better; it just takes time!

Take care, CathrynB

Feeling sore

by Janice - 2008-05-12 01:05:42

Hi Susankay,

I had my pacemaker put in last sept/07. It will be exactly 8 months tomorrow. It took me a long time to feel "normal" again. I had previously had a stroke in June and then found out I needed the pacemaker in Sept. Had no idea my heart was pausing, no blackouts, fainting etc. I do know that I still get the "tighting pulling" feeling in my chest around the pm. I was told that some days it is just sentive around the pm, because of the tissue that they cut and move around during implant. and somedays it is just sentive. I am sorry to hear about your husband. It will get a little easier for him and you, it takes a long time to recover from this. Take care. Hold in there, it will come.


by Bouncy Heart - 2008-05-12 01:05:47

You may not have the physical strength but through CHRIST you will make it just keep your eyes fixed on him. Prov 3:5-10

Re: Still feeling sore

by susankay - 2008-05-12 03:05:36

I wanted to thank everyone so far that has responsed to my posting. To answer a couple of questions that was asked. Yes the doctor did go back in the same site cut from the first time. Also I had a hematoma so they had to clean that out. And yes I do have alot of family that has been here for me and I think I would have lost my mind if it had not be for the Lord number one and my family. I guess I am the one that is always on the given end. I am not use to having someone to help me. But yes my family is here for my husband and myself also. Please keep my husband in your prayers, I know in time I will recover and prayerfully will be even better with my new friend (PM). I believe unless God touches my husband he could be this way for the rest of his life.

Once again thanks to everyone,

Great Doctor

by ajones - 2008-05-12 09:05:27


I live in Richardson and have an excellent EP (in Plano)if you are interested.


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