Continuous underarm, shoulder pain

A few weeks ago, I installed a patio in my backyard which involved moving 30 pavers. Since then my pacemaker has moved and has given me a lot of pain. It probably also doesn't help that I broke the stitch that held it in place about a month after I got it. I called my cardiologist and he referred me to the ER. They confirmed that it had moved, but nothing else was done. The pacemaker clinic at my local hospital also refused to check my pacemaker because I use a different clinic out of town. After weeks I am still in pain. It sometimes feels like hot pins sticking me and at other times it just aches all around my shoulder and feels like I am holding a painful rock under my arm. I don't know what to do. Has this happened to anyone else?


shoulder pain

by joy1 - 2008-05-05 11:05:29

The doctors won't do anything to replace or rest you pm. I'm sorry that your experiencing pain. it may both you for sometime until the scar tissue pocket becomes thick enough. My ICD moved early on. A corner protrudes toward my armpit. I have to sleep with a pillow supporting my arm in such a way that it supports my shoulder. as for the "pins" feeling. Does it have the itchy feeling like you get with a bad sunburn? If this is the case it may be that you have a mild sensitivities some material which your device is composed of.

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Pacemaker moving

by Pookie - 2008-05-06 02:05:03

My opinion:

find a doctor who cares...I know it is a hard thing to do some times. most will just brush you off. personally, I would go to the ER and wouldn't leave until I was seen by a cardiologist. OR I would go back to the surgeon who put it in you!

I don't think you should have to stay/live like that.

Push the doctors! Push until you get what you want and need.


same thing has happened to me!

by bambi - 2008-05-06 11:05:35

My "pocket" has been opened 4 times in 5 years. This has made the tissue around my pacemaker stretched out and thin. As a result, my pacemaker has moved and it feels like a corner of it is going to bust through the skin. I too, have the constant ache and soreness in my chest. I think the reason Dr.'s don't like to fix it, is because they don't want to reopen the incision and risk infection. So unless you have a Dr. who is sympathetic to your pain, it's unlikely they will do anything about this until your battery runs low and they have to replace the generator. Meanwhile, keep your arm "active", don't lift anything heavy, but don't not use it either. It will stiffen and feel much sorer!
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Be persistant!

by Swedeheart - 2008-05-06 12:05:24

I do not know where you are, but I would be persistant and be sure the doctors know you are in pain. Several people I have talked to online had their pacemaker moved to a different position. It shouldn't be that much of a big deal if the leads are intact and firmly set. You will have to quit building new decks for bit, but I see no reason you should have to be in such pain for years to come!

If your doctor won't do it, find another. Certainly don't go to just anyone, but I can't imagine they won't do anything to help.

Hopefully one of the folks who have had their placement "adjusted" will respond.

Good luck!


I must agree with....

by queen_beez - 2008-05-07 02:05:31

Bambi, pookie and the others. I had the same problem. I still do at times. I ,.too, have thin skin and it feels like the corner is gonig to pop out of my skin at any time. It hurt for a long time until I asked and asked about it. It was finally determined that it was a combination of things. One ,the thin skin..I was told that in time scar tissue would build up and that in my case the scar tissue would problably help. I think it did. Also that the PM was hitting a nerve. With it being so close to the top of my thin skin ,where your nerves are it might be part of your problem too. The remedy was something that another site member told me about. I got pain injections at the site. It numbed the whole area and gave the nerves a chance to calm down without me having to feel the horrible pain.
Also I would have to agree that you ned to find a new doctor regardless of anything else you choose to do. Without a doctor that is truly caring about you and your problems,concerns and pain, you will never truly be fully healed. You need a good support system and a nig part of that is a doctor you can turn to and trust will do whatever is best for your recovery.
Good luck and take care,

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