defib is moving

I had a pacemaker for 9 years with no problems. in feb. 2008, i had a defib inplanted. 3 weeks later it moved out of the pocket, down near my armpit. very painful!
the Dr at first reccommended leaving it, but it was painful to move my arm to the right, pushing against the Defib there. my second consult with him he said he will fix it. do it over ,and put it back up where it belonged.
so, I returned for the new surgery. it was pulled out and the pocket was stiched up smaller to keep it in place, then replaced in correct position.
It stayed there for 6 weeks, healing, with no exertiond from me. I mentioned to my wife last week that it is still in same place, and had her feel the bump there from the defib.
Now, last friday I woke up, and noticed the defib was now under my left Boob!
it slid down about 2 inches out of the pocket, and is hanging there at an angle, it seems, by the wires.
I have pain when moving my arm now, where the stiches came loose.
I am going back to see the same Dr next week.

Is this normal? I doubt it very much!
I hate to go back there for surgery again! 3rd time!!!
I'm ready to sue for malpractice.



by Boog - 2008-05-17 08:05:29

hello friend

our family has been through so much with this doctors in east texas area. our dad as been in and out of hospital manyyyyyyy times since April 2007 well to be exact about 13 times. we are grasping at any information that we can get on wronful doing on our dad. there have be many red flags but because we are not doctors and trying to understand what is wrong with his pacemaker and leads. we were told that the pacemaker is not powerful enough and that the tird lead is not working, so we thought we were wainting to get another put in. my sister went to hospital today to see our dad and seen the doctor and he told her it would be 2 to 3 years before he would put one in. now see he told our mother it would be 2 to 3 months he sould be putting a neww one in. our dad will not last 2 to 3 years because its not pusshiong out the blood in his heart like it needs to. so please if you have any information on this let us know. thank you so much

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