Big Mess.....??

Yesterday, my settings were changed but the comments made, freaked me out. Not a good experience.

Settings: May 28/08 DDIR > VVIR
Rates: 70 > 125
Rate response curve 7

July 25/08 VVIR
Rates: 70 > 125
Rate response curve 7 > 8

July 30/08 VVIR
Rates: 70 > 140
Rate response curve 8

When I got there, the woman (tech? nurse?) took the histogram, told me to walk the unit (a big square) as fast as possible and to do two flights of stairs, down and back up, quickly.

Then, she started asking other staff, all kinds of questions...seemed to be checking a "handbook" for what to do!! That put me right off, I want someone who "knows" what to, that could just be me, but it unnerved me.

When the doc finally arrived, they were talking in the hallway, he came in, as they looked at the printouts, she was asking him about "boxes filling"??, then he stated that I would "go into heart failure"!!!

That's when I really freaked (quietly, but sure got scared), he turned to me and said that I was going from 70 to 120 in split second, can't have a fast heart rate, etc. ....... he was paged, left the room and the woman gave me a printout, my appointment slip and said for about the 15th time...."you'll be back".

I know the woman wanted to change something, she had me upset and confused because she kept asking others for help.
As soon as I heard "heart failure", I just wanted to run out the door.

All I want, is to be able to do more.....I feel like I've been dragging an anchor for months. My pulse was stuck on 70.....after last Fridays' change, my pulse was going up but I was "hitting the wall" in the, my pulse is fast as soon as I move but I've been frightened, worried and am a bit freaked out. (scared).

The last thing on earth I want is heart failure.....but I read a lot of postings last night and many of you are able to camp, hike, run and ride bikes. I can't even do my housework.....yet there is nothing wrong with my heart other than a pacemaker due to fast/erratic arrythmias. They were stopped by my ablation.

I just feel like crying....what to do?? Thankyou for any suggestions.

Sorry for rambling....when I get scared, all I do is leave. Not good but it's me.

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by tcrabtree85 - 2008-07-31 02:07:16

Don't feel alone! People understand completely what you are facing. I remember at first when I heard all the words about heart failure and everything else I was in shock. I don't tolerate not being explained to anymore.
I suggest that you call and request to see a tech from your device company. I found that sometimes they can explain more to you in detail.
Right after I got my pm they had to do a lot of playing with my settings. The techs would say well she is in a-fib or heart failure etc. The following visit they brought in the company tech and she was able to change my settings and I felt better immediately.
Take everyones advice and go back in and get things explained. No reason for you to sit and stress out over not understanding what is going on with your pacemaker.

You are in my prayers please give us a update.


my opinion

by jessie - 2008-07-31 09:07:46

call back and say you are not happy and want another appt. soon. what are they doing for you? it doesn't sound like anything. it was poor doctoring and e.p'ing and i am sure you are feeling very scared. who would not be?write down all your questions and ask for answers. good luck jess. even ask for the dr. you liked and insist on it.

some thoughts

by maryanne - 2008-07-31 10:07:00

yes that does sound like a very uncomfortable experience for you. You should never leave one of those appointments not understanding what adjustments they have made and why. I hope you got a print out of your latest adjustments. Request for your next appointment to see the doctor you are comfortable with.

Heart failure occurs for many reasons. It's primarily our heart not working as efficiently as it should as a pump. You can appreciate that if you go from 70 - 120 within a split second your heart is not going to pump efficiently and hence can put you into failure...this can be taken care of...they should have explained all of this to you...shame on them....I am so sorry you had that experience. Insist on getting the straight goods and don't leave until you feel comfortable with the explanations they have given you regarding any adjustments they make.

Good luck and good health.....

Big shots!

by bambi - 2008-07-31 11:07:18

I have had interrogations that have had the EP and tech person arguing. What is interesting, is that when I tell the tech guy/gal how I've been feeling after they ask me, they will make a special effort to look for specific readings to back it up. They then validate that they can see why I feel badly and say they will bring it to the EP's attention. They are not authorized to make any adjustments without his permission. That usually brings me to the unfamiliar, hallowed halls of the EP's office, where "what to do" is discussed and decided on! They LOVE to throw around technical terminology, and use scary phrases like "heart failure" and " low threshold, high threshold" ect. I INSIST that they explain to me in layman's terms what they mean, what is going on with me, and what they propose to do about it. Certain settings can put you into heart failure, but you can bet your EP will not purposely do that!
One other thing-- I actually had my Dr. put in my chart this statement: Patient requires explanations of conditions, and proposed treatment." Silly as that sounds, it has set me apart as a patient that demands to be treated as an intelligent woman, or a pain in the arse! Whatever! As long as they understand I can handle anything with the right information.
The above members have made very good suggestions. You need to at least start with going back and asking for things to be explained to you!
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