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I had my PM implanted in early May for intermittent heart block. My heart block varies between 1st and 3rd (complete) heart block. The settings on my PM have been tweaked each of the last couple months. After the first month, the technician shut off the rate response function since I have heart block and not SSS. Going into that session my pacing was 15% in the A and 99% in the V. I have felt fine since that is shut off.

During my second visit, my pacing adjusted to 10% in the A and 99% in the V. In order to get the pacing in the V down, they increased the delay between A and V to 350 milliseconds. If my understanding is correct, this will effectively put me in 1st degree heart block but may significantly reduce how much pacing my PM is initiating vs. my own heart.

I have felt fine with these adjustments.

I am wondering if it is better to rely on my own heart pacing even if I am in 1st degree block or if it would be better to shorten the delay which would effectively increase how much the PM is working.

Any thoughts, insights or comments are appreciated.



how do you feel?

by Tracey_E - 2008-08-06 07:08:35

If you're feeling good and able to do what you want, the new setting should help your battery will last longer. They made the same adjustment on mine recently. After 14 yrs of nearly 100% ventricle pacing, I started pacing on my own some but the delay was just a bit more than what the pacer was set for. By reprogramming and giving my heart that extra fraction of a second, it can do its own thing and I'm pacing a lot less. I don't know which way is better but I feel good so I didn't question it.

Where is Frank or Smitty? They know this stuff and can explain a lot better than I do!

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