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I am new here and wanted to know if anyone could help or maybe have some of the same problems...
I had my pacemaker put in 2006 and ever since then nothing but problems!

1.The device moved/shifted from my left shoulder to under my left armpitt. (one of the Dr said that the hematoma shifted it another said no it was just placed wrong)

2.It is unconfortable to move my arm...actually very painful to move it.

3.I feel like the pacemaker is rubbing against my bone when I move my arm.

4.It also hurts and pooks me all the time.

5.I can not sleep at night on my left side cause it feels like it moves and pooks me.

6. I can fell the wires right under my almost looks like you can see the wires/device bump under my skin

This is just to name a few problem. They said it was NOT implanted in the best place.

What can i do? I really do NOT have faith in the MD practice to have another operation.

Also does anyone know if I can do something Malpractice wise? Please help...

Painfully your,


Pacemaker migration

by Swedeheart - 2008-05-15 01:05:10


I am new to the pacemaker world, at day 80 since implant. However, I have read a number of posts on this site about pacemaker migration. I would not think your condition is acceptable. Go to your EP and ask about repositioning the PM! Several have done this I have read about. Use the search button on the top right and key in the term "migration" and I am sure you will find the posts. (either migration, or migrate...)

Good luck.


Botched Pacemaker job

by ElectricFrank - 2008-05-15 01:05:32

There is a lot of variation in the abilities of surgeons. I would check around for a good cardiologist who has a lot of experience implanting pacemakers. If you have had this much problems since 2006 there is no doubt you need to have the pacemaker moved into a better position and anchored so it can't move. Most if not all of the pacers have a couple of places where sutures can be placed to keep it from moving. The Medtronic manual states thats this should be done.
This is only going to get worse if you don't have it corrected. As far as malpractice, I don't know what options you have. You certainly don't want to have the same doc try to fix it.


Hi mickeyt,

by Gellia2 - 2008-05-15 08:05:29

Sounds alot like migration to me, too. It's a very common problem. Did you have a subpectoral implant? If not, that might solve your problem but will require an additional surgery to correct it.

Every time I have had a replacement (7 now) the darn thing seems to be in a slightly different place. The one before this last replacement (2007), the wires continually got caught under my collarbone causing inflammation, a wearing away of the bone in that area, and alot of pain. Now, with a new surgeon, this placement is over further and after years, I can sleep on the pacer side, which for me is my right side.

Another key to good placement is the pocket that is stitched in called the "Parsonnet Pocket".
Pacemakers needed to be stitched into place like Frank said. A Parsonnet pocket can help anchor them better and keep them from migrating around as much.

Your problems are solvable! Don't give up! It may require an additional operation but that is better than being in pain all the time.

Get a second opinion.

As for malpractice, probably not. Migration is a very common phenomena with many variables as to what caused it. Proving your doctor did your surgery incorrectly would be difficult, if not impossible, mainly because it is in you and working, which is about all they are supposed to do.

Just remember. It's YOUR body. And, if you are not happy with the results and are in pain, go to a doctor that is willing to listen to you and DO something for you beside lip service. You pay them well for their services.

Best of luck to you. You can find very good information and support here. We're with you!


I second...

by heckboy - 2008-05-15 10:05:07

What the others have said. Feeling wires under the skin doesn't seem out of place, however. I can feel mine. Is it out of the norm?

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