St-Jude CRT study

bcme136 , Yes i am in the st-jude crt study.I told the doc as long as it doesnt cost me anything or extra dr visits or trying to make defib zap me they could study me.Wish I could get discount on dr bills for being in study



by Smart Redd - 2008-09-14 11:09:38

Even benign sounding studies need to be carefully considered. I agreed to be part of a CHF study that sounded pretty safe. The procedure was to remove some blood, oxygenate it for half the patients, and return it. Not much different than giving plasma, right?

Not mentioned was that, to 'insure' everyone thought they were part of the test, they once injected some Novocain while stating that "many patients have a sensation of 'coolness' when the blood is returned". I would never have agreed had I known a "foreign substance" was part of the test.

My health records DID state that I had an adverse reaction to some type of novocain during a dental procedure. The result was 18 months of recovery from a painful muscular 'melt-down' that affected mostly my use of my arms and legs. Almost a year of PT and chiropractor care until insurance decided it wasn't getting desired results and pulled the checkbook.

One doctor said it was arthritis, then bursitis, then degenerative bones in my shoulder that 'could' be operated on without assurance of success. Never did address how or why the next visit had me complaining about the other shoulder instead. By the time I felt back to normal, there was no sure way to prove the CHF study at fault. . . unless I wanted to wait for recovery and try the novocain injection again.

Find out EVERYTHING about any study before you sign to take part. Wish I had.

Love, Redd

St-Jude CRT study

by bcme136 - 2008-09-19 07:09:38

Red, I hear you.seems unfair. Are you getting a lot of input from your Dr/St.Jude rep? Mine,both, have the attitude i'm second fiddle to the CRT. when mine was "installed", 2008, I felt much better then the first follow up they cut the voltage and I almost went back to where I was before IE,short of breath,burning or heavy restricted feeling from the heart during exertion. I'm told it's all in my head not the CRT.
Smart Red, to much for me. Good luck!!

Patch, I did. Thanks

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