I am 72 years old and had a pacemaker inserted 5 days ago...the pain is getting better but at times I feel lightheaded and somewhat fuzzy....anyone have any feedback on that...I am going to see the cardiologist on glad that I found this site...thanks


similiar situation

by Brooklynn - 2008-06-09 09:06:28

My ICD/pacemaker was inserted about a month ago and I definiteley experienced some dizziness and lightheadedness....especially I found if I got up too fast after laying down or sitting. I would tell your cardioligist. Mine has told me that it can be yet another unpleasant side effect from the medication you may be taking. I am relatively new to this whole thing, so there might be others that can give you a better educated guess..I too was so greatful for this will meet many wonderful people..Good Luck=)

Give it time

by fred in Seattle - 2008-06-09 11:06:40

I got my ICD jan 17 and you will find that after time things will get better. Just don't play with the darn thing. What will happen is after a while the swelling around the unit will go down and it will heal in place. I don't want to put it to crudly but they cut a pouch in your skin and placed a box in there. If you twiddle with it, it will take longer to heal. Just ask questions we have all been there and done that, OK.


similiar situation, also

by ccmoore - 2008-06-09 11:06:58

I am 62 and Saturday 6-7-08 was three week since install.

I had the same lightheadedness the first week after install, sometimes when I would go up a flight of stairs at home. Since then the lightheadedness has decreased. From time to time when I go up hill, I feel winded, I sort of think that the heart rate is not coming up to the demand needed for going up hill.

From this site I have learned that all PMs need to be fine tuned over a period of time. One week is not enough time and 3 weeks is not enough time. Also new meds need to be adjusted. I am on generic Toprolol 100 mg which is a beta blocker/blood pressure med and it may be preventing the heart rate from increasing.

While doctors say that is minor surgery, I think that it takes more out of most people than they think, that has been my case. I was off for a week, then went back to work [office work]. While I have felt ok, given a chance to take a nap on the weekend, I go out hard, and sleep solid.

It has gotten better every week and at the end of week three the area around the PM has become less sensitive to touch and the skin is loosening up. I am stretching the chest area lightly kind of yoga style and it is helping.

It does get better and you will need to adjust med and the PM. I have had my PM checked after the operation and adjusted about a week after install. Neither time did I get a copy of the print out [my mistake]. I have bothered the doctor [Cacho, Stockton, CA] and his staff enough that they are sending the PM factory rep by my office to check the PM out and I will get a print out this time. I need to know where I am to be able to tell where I will be going with this thing.

Each week gets better. Yesterday, I spent a couple of hours fly fishing [good thing I am right handed] with my wife and a lunch picnic. Life is good.


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