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I too am confused by my first far as report says..AS-VS 13.5 %
AS-VP <0.1%
AP-VS 86.4%
AP-VP <0.1%

So is the pm working 13% or 86% ...I am totally confused...I thought that I understood it pacing 86% but am not quite sure after reading the last answer to this...thanks so much...vtlaney



by Vai - 2008-08-03 02:08:55

Let me try

1. Look at the Atrium first.
AS - 13.5% - PM is sensing the atrium
AP - 86.4% - PM is pacing the atrium
Total - 99.9%

2. Next look at the Ventricle
VS - 13.5%
VS - 86.4%
VS total 99.9% - PM is sensing the ventricle
VP - <0.1% - PM is pacing the ventricles

Ignore the <0.1% its insignificant. Trust this help.


by ElectricFrank - 2008-08-03 10:08:17

You have it right. AP-VS means you are pacing the atrium and sensing the ventricle 86%.

During sensing the pacemaker is just monitoring your heart to determine if pacing is needed.

Keep in mind the pacer is always working. It is what it is doing that is important.


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