Wii Fit

Anyone have problems using a Wii Fit? I'm fine with the Wii games but we got a balance board this week and I've been getting dizzy playing some of the games. It might just be me! I've been maxing out at the gym occasionally also which makes me dizzy, though it doesn't feel like my rate is too high when it happens.


Wii Fit

by Tessy - 2008-08-10 12:08:40

I use a Wii fit and I am fine. I do the Yoga movements etc. I do not do the press ups and I am very careful with the shoulder stand, don't do the full movement back. I have only had the Wii a couple of weeks so I have not progressed to more than 20 moves with Yoga. I also do the arobics and muscle exercises etc. I play the games as well, ie tennis,bowls and so on. I don't have any problem. I don't think you should feel dizzy. Perhaps you are hungry, or need some water? I had my PM fitted 29 January this year. Perhaps you should wait to speak to you cardiologist?


by Tracey_E - 2008-08-11 12:08:52

I work out regularly and I'm good about hydration and eating protein before. I don't get dizzy at all at the gym as long as I keep my rate under 160-165 (atria will go higher but pm only goes to 170). I'm not getting that high playing on the Fit, every time I've counted when I'm dizzy, I've been between 130 and 140. I'm going for my regular check this week, I'll ask about it then. Since I'm fine with the regular games (golf, boxing, etc) and it only happens using the balance board, I was wondering if the board itself is the problem.

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