Medtronic PM settings

I'd like to know what the settings mean. I got a printout from the EP Technician, but she does not want to take the time to explain everything to me.
What she told me was the PM is doing atrial pacing 98%, the ventricular lead is turned OFF. Don't know why, because they told me the reason for the PM was my resting heart rate was too low, and the heart pauses; so the PM was put in to maintain the low heart rate. But, I feel that the PM is working all the time, even when my heart rate is over 90!
Here are the settings:
Modes: AAIR<=>DDDR
mode switch ON
detection rate 175bpm
detection duration no delay
blanked flutter search ON
Lower rate 70 bpm
upper tracking rate 130 bpm
upper sensor rate 130 bpm
ADL rate 95 bpm
Rate responses
optimization ON
ADL response 3
exertion response 3
ADLR percent 2%
activity threshold medium/low
activity acceleration 30 sec
activity deceleration Exercise
High Rate Percent 0.2%
ADL rate setpoint 6
Upper Rate setpoint 17
Non-comp. Atrial pacing ON
Atrial preference pacing ON
Maximum rate 110 ppm
Interval decrement 30 ms
search beats 5 beats

Notice that the 95 Bpm ADL rate may mean something; because everytime I exert myself, I checked and the heart rate was 95!

Anyone know what these settings mean? Is my PM pacing all the time? (I was told that the PM just sits there until the HR goes below 70, then it kicks in , but not kicking in all the time).

Electric Frank?




Your settings.....

by maryanne - 2008-09-03 03:09:51

I am not sure of the brand of your PM, but if it is a Medtronic Adapta the purpose of that kind of PM is to allow your heart to do as much of it's own rhythm and beat as possible hence the word Adapta.

Here a a basic explanation to some of your settings:

AAIR - The first letter indicates which chamber is paced: A=atria V=ventricle D=both atria and ventricle

The second letter indicates which chamber is being sensed A=atria V=ventricle D=both atria and ventricle

The third letter incidates the Response of the pacemaker it either inhibits or pace...which means the pacemaker senses you had a beat with in a certain set time and so the PM will not pace

The fourth letter is rate response

So your setting of AAIR means you are atrial paced and sensed...which is a great setting because it helps extend the PM's life....the DDDR tells you that you have a dual lead pacemaker with the capabilities of pacing both the atrium and ventricle....again a great option....

The other settings like your ADL means your activity of daily's a rate set to allow you heart rate to adjust naturally without the PM kicking in....another item of interest activity threshold and activity acceleration.....I have had those settings changed often to suit my activity level...i.e I run so I want to be able to override the PM sooner so mine is set low set rates ie lower is 50 high tracking is 145 but like you my ADL is 95....again these have been adjust to meet my life style.

I hope some of this helps....if you want more information please don't be a afraid to ask.....I wasn't sure if you wanted an item by item answer to each setting.....check out the Medtronic site as well they are a great of luck....cheers...

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