stress test

I had my chemical stress test today. Went OK, felt kinda wierd for awhile. After they finished my right arm was sort of numb and had a tight feeling in my chest, but they cleared up after a bit. Had a headache for several hours after but that was all. Now I have to wait for every doctor within 30 miles to read it so they can get a little of the money.



See not so bad

by coryi711 - 2008-06-06 07:06:16

See told ya', you would live thru it...The Doc's and the new drugs are pretty good. Sorry, but I did'nt get a headache at that test. My wife said I miss qouted about the head CT Scan headache it was the MRI Scan of my skull before the AICD that gave me the headache in the middle of the night.Worse pain of my my bio..if I haven't had it sowed back, been broken, or fixed then it is in the process of repair right now. Kind of like a mid life rehaul I was rode hard & put away wet. Glad you feel better... You may need the cath., that one you get an IV drowsy drip..Doc will numb your groin. insert cath [ I didn't feel a thing I was talking to nurse and watching my heart on the screen , you can see the cath.moving up your vein and bend go into your heart } the doc takes some pics., pulls the cath., then the fun starts. Since the cath. goes in your high pressure vein it takes high pressure for the incision to heal. So they have a nurse clamp your thigh to a table at the incision for several hours. Then you lay on your back for about 8-10 hours your not even allowed to lift your head, you get a bed pan or urninal bottle if needed. My hip hurt and I walked crooked for two days [ from the clamp and laying still]

Glad your test went well...

by Swedeheart - 2008-06-06 12:06:42

Glad your chemical stress test went well. Your response to how it went seems similar to others I have heard, and somewhat similar to my own.

Yes, we get to "wait" until all the doctor's review the information... sometimes that is the hardest part!

Hope all is well and that you are feeling good!


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