I am 2 wks post op. Tired still. Stitches out yesterday. Is it too soon to attend a dance, family thing. I know not jiving. Just wonder if it is all too soon and should spend most of time resting for the 4 wks.?????I do a walk each day and regular hhouse stuff.



by BOB 1 - 2008-08-15 10:08:38

If moving around doesn't hurt go for it. I don't think you should be letting anyone swing you over their shoulders or any other such exercise.

Jesus, 4 weeks resting? What did they do to you? The doc told me to take it easy for 3 or 4 days but not to be lifting more than 10 lbs. for a month. I was walking a 1/2 mi on the 3rd day and had completely forgotten the thing in a month. I got mine 4 years ago.

I agree

by bambi - 2008-08-15 11:08:33

you shouldn't be feeling quite so tired. Like Bob,I felt better almost immediately after the pacemaker implantation. Of course I was sore, you know the usual reaction to being cut, but after 3 days I was back at work. Chrissie's comment about the dance is very true! The lift in your spirits you'll get from socializing and doing something fun will do wonders for you both physically and mentally! I would go on and get out, then call your Dr.'s office Monday morning and make an appointment for them to check the settings of your pacemaker!
Have a great weekend,

You need exercise!

by auntiesamm - 2008-08-16 01:08:29

Hello Lady One,

II've had my PM since May 2006; 3rd degree HB. It was done as an emergency on Thursday morning, I went home Friday, hubby and I went to a social gathering Saturday and Sunday I drove myself to church. I was 66 at the time. I did all of my housework, grocery shopped, cooked, walked the dog, etc. It did not occur to me not to do these things. I knew I was in much better condition than I had been before PM. This was all a surprise to me as I had no symptoms. Realized I had a problem when my BP monitor would not register a pulse higher than 30! A PM should not be disabling, however, if you have other serious medical problems you may not bounce back as fast as some of us. I am a type-A+ personality and am constantly on the go so I really didn't miss a beat (sorry for the pun)! The only warning from my EP and the nurse was not to raise the arm above shoulder level. I had a little trouble remembering but hubby yelled at me when her saw me do it! I ended up putting Post Its on my cabinets as a reminder.

I love Bob's response and his question; what did they do to you? Where do you live? Did you have an EP implant the PM? I sure hope things go well for you and I wish you all the best. God bless.

Sharon (So CA)

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