Late Entry to Scubadiving

I didn't start diving until I was 50 years old (54 now). I found I really enjoy it. Has anyone gone back to diving after implant? I have an ICD/pacemaker (3 wires). My doc says I should be able to resume diving but I'd like to hear from those that have done it. I'm not too keen on an incident 80 feet under! Anybody?


Better check

by boatman50 - 2008-08-11 10:08:35

After you are allowed to get back to normal activities you should be able to. However, you have to also check with the pm maker to see if it is designed to handle the extra pressure (3 atmospheres!) at that depth. I have a medtronic and was told no diving.
Good luck, I hope you can.


by pacergirl - 2008-08-11 11:08:57

Hi, after getting my PM I asked my doc if I could go diving with my new PM. I have always wanted to learn and I am just 54. Anyway my Doc. said yes, no problem.

I checked with the PM manufacturer and what a surprise, the St. Jude Dual Pacemaker I have is cleared for diving. I haven't had any lessons as of yet, but winter is coming and I think this might be an excellent way to spend those long winter days... in the indoor pool learning to dive. It's either learning to dive or sea kayaking for me! Of course I have not told my hubby or my friends of my intent, but hey, a girl has to have some goals to shoot for!

Good luck, I hope it works out for you.


by Bosssmog - 2008-11-10 05:11:15

I was the surprise receiver of a pacemaker in Jan of this year. When I inquired about diving Boston Scientific said my unit was only cleared to 15 feet of sea water.

That was completely unrealistic for my life style as I had been diving since 1951 and it was still a big part of my life. After some nagging, they tested the t175 and approved it to 66 feet of sea water. That opened up a number of wrecks and coral beds to my continue diving.

This summer, I performed my own tests in the local quarry (yuck) and had no problems. Two weeks ago I spent the week in Roatan, Honduras diving four times a day with no problems.

I was able to ignore the no fly before flying rule because I was diving a rebreather at the end of the trip and being on pure oxygen the last afternoon, was decompressing faster than the guys in the bar.

On Monday following my return, my Cardiologist and Boston Scientific Representative (both divers) checked out the function of my new little friend in my chest.

It did not register my dives, nor did it show any effects from the 26 dives that week.

I will be posting the pictures and my comments on my non commercial diving website by next Saturday.

Make sure you discuss it with your cardiologist before you go diving. All of us are quite different in fitness, levels of relaxation in the water, and the ability to plan ahead.


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