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Hi, ok
can't sleep can't rest???? when I amat home say working on the pc I can read 119/90 hr 90 watch tv don't feel well check and I might be 120/95 hr 92 then i get up to go pottie the walk to and back obout 20 feet 132/97 hr 105 Like I said I cant rest when I go over 85 in hr I feel pressure in the chest and what I think is hr pounding.
Now is this a pm adjustment or how bad off my heart is.



by joy1 - 2008-09-12 09:09:13

Hi Lenny,
Home experts? We all may not be experts but most of us do learn about how our devices work, generally speaking and how they interact to us, personally. So general possibilities: It may be the settings on your PM are too high but it doesn't sound like it. If you were not having this sort of trouble prior to implant, it may be that the implant wires irritated your heart, or it may be that you need a change in medication. Either way, you need to contact your doctor. Both your BP and HR are running too high both resting and moving which suggests you may need medication to control at least your BP and some tweaking to bring your HR down. IF the device you have is not just a PM but an ICD then you STILL need to speak with your EP, cuz yes, you are running high and need medication to control your high BP and you need to know what the upper settings on your device are. Keep us posted.



by chip - 2008-09-12 12:09:56

It takes awhile to get things set just right BUT you have to be persistent with your EP. If it (or You) doesn’t feel right get an appointment and go back for a setting change right away, don’t wait until the next scheduled appointment – that can be awhile. It does get better! Good Luck!

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