Tingly at Incision Site...

I had my pm in on Friday, 11/21, now I'm experiencing a tingly sensation in the vicinity of my incision. Is this normal? Can anyone advise if that is just the healing process or something more sinister?



by PeggyR - 2008-11-25 05:11:31

I had loads of odd sensations after implant (9/5/08). Sometimes pulling sensation, or heavy feeling, some tingling sensations. I always errored on the safe side, if I have any intuition that something isn't right, or I'm not certain -- I called my doc or his nurse. I kept, actually keep, a notebook around so that I can jot down questions I might have and maybe ask them 2 or 3 at a time. They never minded my calling, and said call them any time. I'm sure they are used to people being uncertain or anxious afterwards. So many times the PM implant happens quickly and we don't have time to think about all questions before or after.
Take care and good luck. "Always blessings, never losses".


by randrews - 2008-11-25 08:11:27

I agree with what's been said. there is lots of new feelings that were unerving to me. In the end it was all ok. After 1.5 years I still wonder about things but I don't worry about it any more. Peggy is right, the pm happens fast and we have no time to get used to the idea.
Take care friend,

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