2nd pacer check

hi everyone ,some of you may rember me posting a few days ago regarding my hubbys pm check ,his first one 2 weeks ago well if you rember i moaned as every question we asked was told no need for us to no ,well now today had a phone call from the hospital wear he had his pm fitted they want to do another pacer check on wensday that means 2 pm checks in just over 2 weeks with the exeption of this one being done at the hospital were he had his pm fitted and his open heart opp then on the 22 dec he hasto have a 24 hour moniter fitted am geting a bit worried now any one else had 2 checks in such a short time or a moniter fitted for 24 hours after having a pm he had this moniter before pm as well ,


write down your questions

by Tracey_E - 2008-12-15 03:12:49

Not to worry!!! It's not uncommon at all to check it more than once, and the 24 hr monitor will tell them things that the pacer can't. All normal! It all adds up to help them get the settings just right for his needs.

Pacers are incredibly sophisticated technology. Years and years ago they put the minimum setting in then sent the patient home. Now they have dozens of settings they can adjust to respond to our individual needs and make our hearts beat virtually normally.

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