PM checks

Hi all,
Okay, so I have had my pm for 8 months so I feel a little stupid asking this question.When we go for our pm checks what exactly does the reading tell the doctor? For the first few months after the implant I was back & forth getting the kinks worked out so never really asked alot of questions. In Febuary I go in for a regular check up and I am getting curious about what information will be retreived.



by Tracey_E - 2008-12-17 09:12:10

If you ask for a copy of the before and after report when you have your checkup, Frank and a few of the others here can explain it all to you. Pacemakers are amazing! They keep track of pretty much everything the pm does between checks. It can tell how many times we max out, what percentage of the time it paces both atrial and ventricular, what voltage it needs, what battery life is left.

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