pacemaker checks

I have written about having anxiety after having the pacemaker Dec.2nd. I found out a week later that one lead was not connected.The anxiety started after my first pacemaker check. I have had 2 othe checks and the anxiety seems to get worse3 after evry check. Has anyone had problems after pacemaker checks? Thanks Carmen


Not Connected?

by heckboy - 2009-01-06 10:01:44


Did a lead come loose from your heart or the PM?


by zutie - 2009-01-14 02:01:51

Hi Carmen,

YES! I had so much trouble since a PM check last year. I have had a PM many years and am near 45 and in great health otherwise, then one visit of a check and it all went downhill. They said I had Pacemaker syndrome, but I felt my heart beating in my throat, headaches, dizzy, sick to my stomache, not with it in the brain...etc...
So they did some adjustments for the next several months, trying to tweak it, which helped, but I couldn't get back to normal. Finally, they ":turned it off" (or that's what they told me) Very frustrating and still suffering....
Look up Pacemaker syndrome and see if that matches your symptoms.

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