When paced I feel palpitations. Is this normal?

Hi all,
I received my pacer Dec. 12, 2008 for tachycardia/bradycardia syndrome. It is set on a mode now where it paces every morning at 9:30am for a "test" (not sure why...) that lasts about 20 secs. During this time, without fail, I feel very strong palpitations, my heart feels like it is flipping over and I have to stop what I am doing because it is so unpleasant. I felt this same thing when they upped my heart rate as a test at my first checkup. (BTW the record shows that I have only been pacing about 1% of the time in general (not counting the test)) . My doctor poo-pooed my complaints of palpitations during the test and my complaints afterword...He did do chest x-ray to see if the leads looked ok and they did... I requested that someone from the company (St. Jude Medical) see me to help explain things to me and when he was testing it I noticed that I felt the palpitations when the pacer failed to capture...He did not seem to think this was an issue but I am worried...Since every day the pacer turns on and I feel palpitations the whole time I wonder if it is failing to capture pretty much any time it tries to pace...Anyone out there with any advise/info?


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