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info on Lenora

Thanks to all of you for your info. She is such a pillar here at this site and in all of our hearts I am sure. I didn't sleep a wink last night and now I am writing here late into the night. I know I have never met Lenora in person but I truly care about her as if I had. I hope she is all right and we can find out soon. Lisa is still tryimng to call her and I had suggested looking up onlne for a neighbor that could go to her house but I don't have her address and jessie can not find her phone nu...


New pacemaker...

Hi everybody! I am 20 years old and just had a pacemaker put in last Friday. I was just wondering if it is normal to constantly feel it pacing. I'm not sure if it's just me being really sensitive or if I should get it checked out.

I am really happy I found this website! Have a great day!



Hows it going pacemaker ppl.?
greetings from san diego, ca.
my names Carmelo, aka el Guapo, ( the bad guy from the movie three amigos, not say'n im a bad guy, just thought he was funny.) with the name Carmelo or el Guapo you would think i would be able to speak some spanish, to my regret i cant speak a lick of it (blacksheep of the family) its kinda sad since i live about a stones throw away from the t.j. border. oh well. anyway all this pacemaker stuff is very new to me, my doc. just...


Thanks for advice and support!

Oh my gosh- I'm so excited and thankful for the replies to my questions/concerns. Thanks to everyone who offered advice. I'll let you know how I do with my surgery. Thanks again :)



I am a 51 years old and have an ICD implanted 5 days ago. I have been sleeping on the couch because the nurse told me not to lay on my sides for the next month. I seem to remember my doctor telling me I could lay on one side or the other, but I don't remember which one. Does anyone know, my back is killing me!!!!!



Thanks for update information

To: Surferman,Jenny, and Sharon
I appreciate your e-mail reference to tennis in couple of
weeks. I will definitely not rush into playing any kind of
sports for at least 6 weeks after reading your e-mail to
me. I was going by what the Doctor stated, not that he's
wrong but its my heart and I want to enjoy all the benefits
later when I am sure its ok to do everything. Thanks again
for the reminder. If I had not read your e-mail , more than
likely I...


Ahh! I'm getting a pacemaker on Monday!

Hi everyone! What a great site for info and support. I'm a 31 year old female who is getting a pacemaker on Monday 6/25. Just wondering if anyone has any good advice or suggestions for me. I'm concerned about whether I'll be able to wear my bra right away- I can't stand going without one! Also concerned about pain, as I'm having an EP study at the same time and will have 2 incisions. Any advice or info would be great! Thanks!


PM rate question - please take a look

Maggie, my Border Collie, just got her PM implanted on Tuesday. It is her second generator. Anyway, I take her heart rate a minute or two after a short walk and it is down to 65 or 70 bpm. That is the bottom of her range. How fast does your PM slow down after activity is over? Is it a pretty rapid transition? Her "normal" dog rate should be around 95bpm.

I'm just wondering if we have a problem with her setting.



Has anyone talked to or heard from Lenora. I know some have her telephone number, have you heard anything. I am concerned. I think she lives alone and I hope she is just on vacation or doesn't "need " the site as much. ANy info. would be apprecaited. I am the worrying type.



Received my PM 6/20/07

Every thing so far has went well, stay overnight in Hospital
and haven't had any problems, little sore at the implant location
but otherwise great. Told I could take up tennis again within
(2) weeks, that sounds great but I won't till I know for sure
that its not to soon. I love walking, in which I am doing
since I have been home. Gene


Airport security - not bad at all!

I had my first set of airplane flights post-pacemaker this weekend. I'd read all of the posts on here about the good and the bad things that everyone has experienced when going through security. For what it's worth, mine went completely fine - the staff at both airports were very nice, polite and above all, extremely respectful. If I'm going to be groped in public, I can't imagine it gets much better than that.

The funny part of the story was when I approached the security agent at...


Funeral Home????

Jessie whats goin on?????

email me, Colleen



I’m losing my touch, I tell you!

My apologies once again. I forgot an important day for one member.

Happy Late Birthday!

Chels was born on June 18, 1985.

On the day that you were born, the pacers got together,
And decided that they’d place themselves in you.
So they waited six long years for you
And made your skin turn pink instead of blue.

And the title of that song ori...


I'm a dog and I'm on pacemaker #2

Hi there, I am Maggie, a six year old Border Collie. I had my first pacemaker when I was two. I have third degree heart block. I had a Medtronics Kappa. Today I had a Medtronics Sigma implanted. OK. By now you have probably figured out that my mom is writing this for me. We used to have the screen name Maggies Mom, but we've changed it to Snipsnapper. Anyway, if you are interested, you can read my story on this site, if you can find it! But, like I said, I had my second PM implanted today. My in...


Why So Tired?

I had bypass surgery 2/07/07. One week later I was back in the hospital for a leg infection and the week after that I had walking pneumonia. Since then I've had 2 bouts of a-fib that I know about and my PM implanted last Monday June 11. After all this you'd think I would feel great but instead I am always tired. I do try to exercise 3-5 days a week and be as active as I can but I'm always tired. I go for my first PM check up next Tuesday.

Is there something they could do then to help...



The suspense is over, Valerie, help is on the way. I hope it cures your headache. ( sigh! )


~ Dominique ~



Thanks Valerie for sending out the update. I just got home and what do you know the first thing I do get on here. This time the pain is far worse than the others. The drugs sure don't last as long as I wish. They took my entire SA Node and as Valerie said my pulse is now set to a normal speed at 70 entering into surgery it was sitting at 130 he said it didn't take much work figuring out things.
I probably won't be on for a couple days because i'm lazy and just wanna sleep. Please know tha...


Another Update to Endless Pain

Hi everyone,

Well, no idea yet what's happening. Had lung scan, nothing. Ultrasounds of both legs and my arm show nothing. No clot evidence, at least not yet.

Yet, my left arm (the pacer side) continues to swelling in other places and the pain is just as unrelenting. When I was at the hosp the other day for my ultrasounds, I stopped in to visit the pacer people and showed them my arm. One of the nurses looked at both arms, felt them both and could tell a noticeable differen...


Re-Introduction of Myself

Hello to all!

My name is Jenny and I am 26 years old. I have been a member for about 4 years, but it has been a least a year or two since I last logged on. I thought I would see what was new with everyone and read up on some of the posts.

I had a dual chamber pacemaker implanted in 2002. I have had problems with 2nd degree heart block, tachycardia, bradycardia, PAC's, PVC's, and minor atrial fib. since I was about 14 years old. In 2002, I had an EP study done and had a...



"Heartland" (t.v. series): Two thumbs down. Dont bother watching it. lol

take care,


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I have a well tuned pacer. I hardly know I have it. I am 76 year old, hike and camp alone in the desert. I have more energy than I have had in a long time. The only problem is my wife wants to have a knob installed so she can turn the pacer down.