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Phantom shocks

Aloha from Hawaii,


I have had a device since 2002 with no shocks ever. Today, after a meeting, I stood up and felt a bit dizzy. Something I have had happen before, no big deal.

However after I walked a few feet I felt a series of 6-9 shocks, starting at my feet and ending at my head. They were just a few seconds apart. They were not of the intensity of a shock that I was told to expect( like being kicked by a horse), more like the shock from an electrical ou...


Scheduled for an ICD

I had a pademaker installed in 2014. No problems except my ejection fraction kept dropping. Its now 24%. I have dilated cardiomyopathy. My cardiologist suggested that the drop in EF may be because of what was referred to as "pacemaker syndrome. She has now scheduled me for an ICD. She stated that it may also improve my EF.

Any comments?
I am concerned about faulty shocks and jolts.



Boston Scientific Resonate X4 CRT-D versus Medtronic Claria MRI Surescan CRT-D

Hello Everyone,

And thank you in advance for your feedback. The entire world of implantible cardiac rhythem management devices is competely new to me, so I appreciate all the feedback.

Between the newly FDA approved Boston Scientific Resonate X4 CRT-D, and the Medtronic Claria MRI Surecsan CRT-D device, which would you pick and why?

The Resonate has a longer battery life, and measures heart failure using 5 critera, and MRI safe up to 1.5 Tesla. While the Medtronic...


Huge swelling after ICD insertion

I had my pacemaker replaced with an ICD on January 17, 2018.  The swelling was huge and I could not lift my arm (and till can’t all the way).  The swelling has gone down but here it is a month later and I still have a very tight spot, bruising and pain over and around the device - and my left arm is still not fully flexible.

Is this normal?




Dear Friends,

Iam new to this forum. Iam in India - Tamilnadu

my relative she is aged about 30 yrs has frequent dizziness sometimes for the past few we taken her to hospital , after some days she was quite normal and doctors asked her to get discharge from hospital, during yesterday afternoon she again has some dizzines for few seconds and she was unconscious on that doctors agin take ECG and other tests and finally told she needs a PACEMAKER hereafter as her heart...


Roto tillers

Hi,  I had a Medtronic CRT-D pacer installed last week and I have a large garden that will need to be tilled in the spring.  I know about the distance I need to keep from the ignition system, but does anyone have expeience to advise if the vibration of the tiller will set off my ICD?  Aa jackhammer is used as an example in the pacer literature as a verbotten tool and while a tiller isn't that rough, there is more vibration than a lawn mower or snow blower.  Perhaps a r...



I had my ICD implanted in May 2017. I have an issue with uncomfortable "flicking" since it was implanted. Does anyone know the cause of this? They lowered both pacing setting and threshold but it is still happening. TIA


Av block and falling EF

  • by Mars
  • 2018-01-14 06:19:42
  • ICDs

Hi, I am now on here, I had a CRT-D fitted November 30th 2017.

I had an echocardiogram September 29th 17, which showed my EF was 49% which was an improvement over my post MI echo of 34%, five years previous. At a routine appointment on the 27th of November, my pulse was checked and was found to be low and skipping beats. I was sent for an ECG which showed 2nd degree AV block type 2. 

Does anyone know of a reason why I would get AV block 5 years after my MI? And why my EF drop...


Help requested

Hi all,

I am posting to ask if anyone would be interested in helping our start up company develop a product for ICD patients and their loved ones. The idea is outlined at We are initially looking for 100 hundred ICD recipients for some market research and then eventually some of these people would be invited to help us test the actually product in the field. We have filed a patent but we would like to prove a real need before we spend too time and effort in a produ...


riding motor cycles

hey can people like us .. still ride motorcycles ... i know we can drive .. just not sure about motorbikes



Happy New Year!

Does anyone have S-ICD (the lead under the skin, is not in the vein and heart)??


Nw PM/ICD Recipient Questions

I just got my device 3 days ago so I''m very new to this.  I have a trip scheduled in April whereby I will be gong on a train over the  mountains and will be at elevations from 5000 - 9000 feet while on the train.  I won't be doing anything physical but will tis affect my device in any way?  The length of time in that altitude is about 27 hours.




EP Study

Hi everyone, I am a 70 year old male, with a St Jude CRT-P implanted in July of this year. My recovery went fairly well, up until mid-October, when I started experiencing runs of V Tach during my rehab sessions. As time went on they became more and more frequent and more and more intense. The first thought was pacemaker mediated tachycardia (PMT), but they could not adjust it out. I am scheduled for an EP Study on January 9. The EP will be prepared to perform ablation if they can id...


Migrating ICD

Hello Everyone, 

New to the group - First ICD installed 2004 - On my third device. 
This third device has been nothing but trouble since it’s change out in May 2014.  

The silly thing keeps migrating around - The first was immediate after the change out. Kept telling the Device Techs that something was not right, they kept telling me, it just needs time to heal. October 2014, insisted that Doc look at it and here it was just days away from break...


ICD and adjustments

  • by TMo
  • 2017-12-19 12:44:23
  • ICDs

I have a ICD device since 2011 and replaced generator in 2015 I have the Riata lead and was told there is a magnet we can get to turn off the device in the case of multiple shocks is there such a magnet and has anyone used it? Thanks TMo 



Turn it off

  • by Nunya
  • 2017-12-08 03:34:33
  • ICDs

Has anyone had their ICD deactivated? I've had mine since 2012 and it has never done anything or recorded any events. 

I want it deactivated. What's the process?


V-Tach Storm

  • by nefus
  • 2017-12-05 02:14:50
  • ICDs

I just got out of the hospital yesterday. I had received 32 appropriate shocks during a VT Storm. It was terrifying. 

What was your VT storm like? Or shock storm (inappropriate shocks)?


ICD Removal

Has anyone ever gotten their ICD removed? Starting my research for it and what better way than to hear personal experiences! 


Travel to Europe

Received my first shock the other night from my pacemaker/defibrillator and it was not pleasant. Implanted in May 2017 and had booked a tour to Italy.  Has anyone experienced ICD issues in Italy !   Thank you.  And be well !   


ICD and a DVT because

Hello, I’m new to the club. I’ve had my ICD for 12 years now. Back in 2013 it was replaced because my lead was recalled. Who whole device was replaced so that I had more battery life. With that said this week I was diagnosed with a DVT in my upper left extremity which from what I have been told is extremely rare. The Doctors determined that it was provoked by my ICD lead since that is where the clot is located. My Electrophysiologist was not to concerned and gave me...


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