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Recommendation for Bathroom Scale

I am shopping for accurate Bath Room Scale that will not interfer with my PaceMaker. I went to Bath and Beyond Store and looked at few models . Most the scale have displayed a warning i,e "Do not use if you have PaceMaker or Heart Device."

I appreciate any one may recommend a Bath Room Scale simple ,plain and 400 lb capacity (Model and Brand) that will not interfere with my PaceMaker.


Thank you

Allen Robay


Invisiblefence for pets

Hi....I've read there should be no problem with these....I've just had the wire put around my garden and am carrying my cat and also walking her on a lead to train her. Is it my imagination and nervousness but when I do this I start burping (although heart feels fine?) and feeling lump in chest? I used to have a lot of burping with my missed beats before I had pacemaker fitted for heart block...any thoughts before I phone doc and send report through the phone lines?? Thanx


PM interaction with shop power tools

I have a new BIOTRONIK PM with their MRI compatible system.  All my life I have used power tools in my basement shop:  Hammer drills, conventional drills, Dremels, circular saws, jig saws, soldering guns, circular buffers, sanders and others tools that don't come to mind at the moment.  What is going to happen when I use these now?


Pacemaker and Drag Racing

I'm going to a  NHRA drag racing event next week and this is my first race since my implant. Ive always like to get up close to the nitro cars and feel the horsepower.  Has anyone else gotten up close to a 10,000 horsepower nitro car WITHOUT any pacemaker problems ?  Thanks 


rc model aircraft flying and ICD???

Good morning: I am waiting for my ICD implantation. I practice model aircraft flying  (rc controlled).

Any colleagues practices this hobby or know about any problems having an ICD?. The frecuency of the transmiter is 2.4 MHZ and the power around 0.5 w. 

I`ll be very grateful for your experiences.

Thank you.



Chiropractor's machines and full body xrays

Are there any machines like the body water massager that will harm my Defibrillator?  My new Chiropractor uses severl machines and warming tables as well as full body xrays.  Should I avoid any si my ICD is not damaged?


Electric Fence/ICD

Does anyone know if touching an electric fence can trigger a shock from a defibrillator?  I have gotten plenty of shocks from fences in the past, but not since recieving my ICD.  Was working (weedwacking) near the fence today, and suddenly, fell on my butt.  I thought I stepped in a hole, but there was no hole there.  Thought maybe I touched the fence.  Something similar happened last summer while working on the (live) fence.  I have had my ICD (Medtronic) for tw...



I'm considering getting my first tattoo, it would not be near my Pacemaker site, but I'm just wondering about possible complications or risks that may occur. Any input? 


New hearing aids seem to interfere (signia pure primax 7px)

6 days ago I got my new hearing aids (Signia/Siemens Pure Primax 7px).  From the first hour I felt like something was wrong.  For some reason I think the radio signals interfere with my pacemaker.  I have a Medtronic RVDR01 pacemaker.  I feel like I did when I was asked to go through airport scanners in Indonesia.  I am told those things should not interfere, but guess what....  Anyone else have any hearing aid issues?


Tig & Mig Welding with PaceMaker

I build hot rods so I weld alot...I read about the warnings & welding. BUT is there any of you who have personal experience welding with a device?

Any shielding methods, etc.


people on cell phones in a car with my ICD

I'm going on a long car trip and 3 friends who are constantly on their cell phones.  Will this harm my ICD?


4 years with pacemaker

Had my pacemaker 4 years and today just started with my collar bone aching and feels like the wires are catching can this happen? And also it hurts to touch it feels very rasied more than usual when I move my arm it twitches and then I get pain anyone else had this and sort of feeling ! 


Magnetic phone holder

Has anyone had any experience with the small magnetic phone holders that fit into the car's vent? I know magnets plus pacemakers can be problematic, but I would imagine such a small magnet 3 feet from the PM wouln't be a problem. 



Apple Watch

Does anyone know if an Apple Watch is OK to use with a Pacemaker


Leaf blower

Has anyone used a gas powered leaf blower with an ICD?

I have seen posts of PM use but not an ICD. 



Pacemaker at Laundramat

Have had pacemaker for a week.  Medtronics but have not yet received card with all identifiying info. 

Anyone know or have experience with problems while washing/drying clothes in a sizeable laundramat?  Just seems there are a significant number of electrical motors all running at once in such an establishment.  Thanks in advance!


coffee maker

thank  you so much


Pacemaker VS Fire Alarm

Hi all! I had my pacemaker put in last week, and noticed that the fire alarm in my house upstairs went off now twice when I went near It! This particular fire alarm is even with my face as I have a low ceiling upstairs, and is also the only one that has ever gone off. I know it is possible for a person with a pacemaker to set off store alarms, but now I'm wondering could my pacemaker also be setting off my fire alarm? I do not go upstairs often, but it had never gone off before I got...


Pacemaker vs. defibulator

My daughter in law is an EMT,  and has told me to wear my pacemaker ID bracelet all the time.  She says they wouldn't use a defibulator on a person with a pacemaker, but they need to know this.   Anyone hear of this before?  



Just before I got my pavemaker I bought a very expensive set of wireless headphones.  Now, with my pacemaker, it seems  can't use them.  Does anyone know if any headphones are OK to use?


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