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Wishing you a very happy birthday from your friends from the Manchester England

Dear Maureen

I really hope you have a very happy birthday.

Maureen, Maureen
what can I say
hope you don't have to answer
to many woe's for help on the pacemaker site today.

Thanks for all of your help
Debbie, Edith, Kenneth and Julie


feeling weird

I've been having like 1 second sharp pains in my chest every so often. It just comes and goes really fast, doesn't hurt, almost feels like someone is pricking me with a needle. But I'm all dizzy and out of body feeling right now. I wonder if my ICD is screwing up. I know the pacer part of it does nothing so I wouldn't think it would be that. Hmmmm, I wonder if it's from the punch I got over the weekend. Anyone get feelings like this? I guess it could be totally unrelated to the ICD and I'm once...


Shocked and In-Contact with Someone

Hello again,

Haven't posted in a few months, although I got great support the last time. I received my second shock last night, again, it shakes me up more mentally than physically. This time, however, I shared my shock with my boyfriend, as we were being intimate when it went off. I am too much of a lady to get into details, but he said that he experienced a flash of light in his head and felt a jolt. It certainly was not as strong as what I experienced, but it did freak him out pret...


Happy happy Birthday to You!!..

Hope you have a wonderful day and get whatever your hearts desire. Whether you spend it quietly or a big family celebration, I hope you spend it wisely. Every birthday is a precious one to us all. Hope you are feeling good too.
Lots of warm wishes Jessie ( Maureen).
your "strange" friwnd,


<*>*<*> Happy Birthday! <*>*<*>

To a very special member, and a very dear friend.
September 5, 2007.

Maureen, your name means " Star of the Sea. " And as such, here is a poem I'm sure was written with you in mind.
I hope you have a super nice special day.

~ Dominique ~

A poem by Edith | 6/1/2007 age 12.

Beautiful Maiden, Star of the sea,
Look down with love, upon me.
Give me grace, hope, love and truth,
To keep with forever through old age and youth.


Quick chest pain followed by sweating

Had my PM installed in May. This has happened to me about 5 times since. I get a quick sharp pain in my chest (like one quick heart beat) and break out in a cold sweat.
Went EMERG the first time it happened and had blood work and ECG. All looked to be "normal", but this can't be normal... can it?



Hi peoples,
How I missed this cyber-place. It’s been what…..10 years? It feels like it. First, important announcements:
1. Lenora: August 28
2. Winelover: August 31, 1954
3. Chris (CBulifant): September 1, 1970
My apologies for my late announcement! I hope you all had a great b-day and got everything you wished for :)
And “hi there!” to all the newly implanted pacer people :) I’m sure you al...



So this is kind of a dumb post but one of my friends that hasn't seen me in a long time greeted me with a punch to the chest (it wasn't meant in a bad way). Anyway he punched me right on my ICD, he totally forgot I had it and felt awful after. Nothing seems to be wrong but I wonder if I should be worried about anything. It's probably fine. I feel stupid calling my Dr. about it so I haven't. Has anyone had something similar with a blow to the area? I'm guessing since the box is made out of titani...


fast/slow heart rate

hi i was just wondering if anyone knew the answer as to why i suffer from a regular fast heartrate sometimes and need beta blockers to slow the rate and yet i had to have a pacemaker for intermittent heart block. what i dont understand is why i have a fast heart rate that needs slowing sometimes and yet i needed a pacemaker for episodes of heart block. hope this makes sense but no one seems to understand why im confused especially as im aware of the fastheart rate but had no symptoms to the hea...


premature atrial contractions?

So after my pacemaker was installed 3 weeks ago I started getting these weird flutters in my heart when I was walking around or on the phone. These things where happening 20 to 40 times a day and it was getting to the point and still is where I am getting scared that I will never function normally again. The doctors are trying all different types of med's but nothings working. I am being held hostage to this. Doe's anyone have the same?



This is my first post.I had my P.M installed in March this year after some palpitations and very occasional dizzy spells.It has been an experience over the last 6 months and I'm finally getting into full swing with my exersize.I want to swim but am not sure about the risk of lead dislodgement or crushing.I am also confused as to the weather or not I should do weights.



Reveal Plus Implantation

I have VasoVagal Syncope and my Doctor wants to implant an Reveal Plus. Has anyone had this procedure, how did you feel during the implant. What does it tell the Doctor? I want information from Patients view for Reveal Plus.


Photo Album project

Hello Everyone all over the World!

As you can see thus far we have raised $250.00 and are half way to the goal of $500.00. For anyone not familiar with the project, many of us thought having a photo album of our Pacemaker Club friends would be a wonderful thing! Since most of us will not have an opportunity to meet face-to-face a photo album would make us feel like we know a person. The folks on this board are some of the best friends I will "never meet". It is kind of like having...


Pacemaker Pain

A while ago I posted about having pain around my pacemaker. It's 15 years old, I had it implanted when I was 11, and I have never had pain around it before. At your advice, I went to the doctor (I didn't see my regular cardio) and he said that it didn't seem to be an infection, there is no swelling, inflammation or discoloration, and that the pacemaker was possible pushing on something, or it was a muscle pull. It has been two weeks and I'm still having discomfort. The pain is not severe, bu...


Info on dangers

I've seen lots of questions on what devices are okay and not lately, I've done a project for school on pacemakers before and saw this sight so I went back to it and got the information.

This information was copied from:

Devices that may put your pacemaker at risk
If you have an artificial pacemaker, be aware of your surroundings and the devices that may interfere with pulse generators. This list will help...


Be thankful for a little bit of Tech


I am a 50 Test and Design Engineer fatehr of 3 (9,9 &4). This past May I developed CHF and we, (The Docs and I), didn't know how bad it was until I had not been able to sleep for a week and went to the ER. While in the ER I had 3 micro attacks. Following a grunch of tests including a PET they were able to figure out theat the lower third of my heart was just dead meat. And a Bypass wouldn't do any good. So after the letters and the anger, the sadness and teh fear, the Docs s...



Ive heard so much about microwaves yes and no about them being harmful. My Dr. tells me they dont affect a pacemaker. It must be in my head...but when a family member uses the microwave I feel something in my I imagining it or what?
Thank you!!


Junctional Rhythm and Pacemaker

I've been putting off getting a PM for several years. Actually my 5 year old problem with an exercise induced bradycardia was not diagnosed as requiring a PM till a couple of years ago. Anyway, now it seems my heart goes into a junctional rhythm when I start exercising. Sometimes it is an accelerated rhythm. (The junctional is a backup pacemaker and if it's accelerated that means it's actually going faster than the sinus node).

My EP says that a PM by itself may not help and I'm goin...



To Mr Boatman,
I received your message in regards to weightlifting. You mentioned you have full range of motion with no weight restrictions. Could you tell me how intense are your workouts and what weightlifting movements do you perform?
Thank you,



Hi....Im a 52 year old male and had a pacemaker put in om Aug.24th, 2007. My question is this:
I have been lifting weights my whole life even competiing in powerliting. Once I give myself the necessary time to heal, will I be able to continue my weight training?
Thank you,


You know you're wired when...

Your pacemaker interferes with your electronic scale.

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