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"I got my keychains, book and card holders in the mail today.  Thanks for the great service!" - John

"I just received my keychain in the mail. It’s great and is quite the conversation piece" - Amy

"I purchased the book because I want to keep my sense of humor intact despite the ups and downs that come with the first month with a pacemaker. I’ve gotten lots of laughs out of the book." - Cathryn 

Power Pack:

Celebrate being wired! Purchase a pack of all our merchandise and save over 15%.  The Power Pack includes a You Know You're Pacing When Book, Pacemaker-Shaped Keychain, Identification Card Holder, Personalized Welcome Letter and Membership Card.  


Price: $25.95 USD



You Know You're Pacing When Book:


Having a pacemaker is no fun - but this book shows that it can be funny. "You Know You’re Pacing When" was written by a veteran recipient to help other recipients cope with their pacemaker or defibrillator.

This 68 page illustrated book is full of humor about being battery operated. So if you’re getting a device soon, are already wired or know someone who is, order this book! It’s guaranteed to make you laugh, or at least smile. 

Price: $13.95 USD





Our pacemaker-shaped keychains are made of antique finished steel and will outlast your implantable device. They are a great conversation piece as they closely resemble a real device and have our logo engraved.

Price: $8.95 USD

Great idea! Order a keychain for both cars.



Identification Card Holder:


Make airport security hassle-free! Our card holders are designed to fit your identification card and display an internationally recognized pacemaker recipient symbol.

They are also a lightweight medic alert solution for walking, jogging or any activity that is performed without a purse or wallet.

Price: $3.95 USD



Welcome Letter:


Our personalized letters officially welcome new recipients to the club. They are inspirational, light-hearted and provide general information about the club.

Gift idea! Send a letter to a loved one, along with a book, card holder and keychain, to welcome them to the club!

Price: $2.99 USD



Membership Card:

Our wallet size membership cards include our logo and a space for you to print your name.  They are designed to fit in our identification card holders and are perfect for showing that you belong to an exclusive club. 
Great Idea! Order a membership card with our an identification card holder!
Price: $0.99 USD

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Since I got my pacemaker, I don't pass out anymore! That's a blessing in itself.