Fast heart rate and back pain

Hello got a pace maker this spring for  a slow heart rate, was ok for a while until I started getting a fast heart rate, during sex, working out or even feeling anxious, it will beat fast with skips then stays with 100s for a few hours, they put me on beta blockers motoprlol 50mg then 50mg twice and I had to get off them I did almost a month and I felt way to tired, any ways I was wondering if thier are natural herbs that work.l like beta blockers? Also I was doing research on a fib and fast heart rates and a lot of these people said they had back problems  I was wondering if this can cause problems my left shoulder blade has been hurting for a while now, can your nervous system be off or pinch nerve??? I really want to get to the bottom of this 


Shoulder pain

by AgentX86 - 2019-09-01 22:25:22

Yes, this sounds like Afib, or perhaps Aflutter.  Metoprolol is the most comon treatment, though there are antiarrhythmics that work.  They're all nasty drugs, though, and should be avoided if possible. 

Metoprolol is unlikely to cause shoulder pain but there are others that might. Are you on other drugs?  Tiredness is certanily a common side-effect of beta-blockers but it's unwise to go outside the pharms for heart drugs.  You have no idea what you're getting and dosage of this stuff matters. There are other beta blockers or calcium channel blockers that your EP can prescribe that may you may be less sensitive to.  You are seeing an EP, right?  This stuff gets beyond what a normal cardiologist is trained for, very quickly.

Pacemaker changes

by Theknotguy - 2019-09-01 22:33:50

I ran into the same problem after getting my pacemaker.  But I went into afib w/RVR.  Heart rate went from 60 to 130 and stayed there.  Not fun.    They will probably need to find you something besides Metoprolol.  I get along fine with it but others have said for them it's like walking through  wet cement.  They do a thing they call rate control.  They put you on something like Metoprolol to slow the heart down then use the pacemaker to bring the heart back up to "normal" speed.  Sounds crazy but it works.  Reason for the racing heart is the heart disease you have.  Not fun either.  
I don't know of any natural herbs that work like beta blockers, at least that are reliable.  My doctor suggested an over-the-counter dose of magnesium.  It does seem to help but I also have two programs running on my pacemaker to take care of afib and they work a lot better.  Haven't heard of afib and  back problems as I was able to take care of my back problems years ago.  And since my grandparents swam in the wrong gene pool I got a nasty dose  of afib.  So I was going to get afib whether I had back problems or not.  
The area under the clavicle where they run the leads from the pacemaker into the heart is extremely sensitive.  I had pain going from that area up into  my left jaw and even into the ear at first.  I also got severe neck muscle spasms on the left side due to the leads.  I've worked with a licensed massage  therapist for the last six years and she finally got those muscles to relax.  All because of the leads causing irritation in that area.  So I feel the pinched  nerve and similar problems are due to the placement of the leads.  It does get better with time.  
 If you watch one of those videos on YouTube that shows how they implant a pacemaker you'll wonder why you don't hurt more than you do.  Glad I was  unconscious and didn't know anything until it was all over.  Your body has had some serious insult done to it while they implanted the pacemaker and it will take a while to get over it.  Sometimes the hardest thing about heart problems is needing patience.  
 And like AgentX86 says, you'll want to work with your EP.
 Hope everything else goes well for you. 

Skip beats

by Mrclassy - 2019-09-02 02:02:57

Thanks  for  the comments, it’s hard because they never officially  diagnosed me  With any type of a fib, they said my pacer has a setting too, but I don’t think it’s on so maybe I should talk to them about that, they want to try other meds and a 30 day ecg because when this happens, I never have official proof like I had to do 30 days last time as while that’s when they cause the slow heart rate drops, no I have the opposite problems it beats to fat then when it calms down it calms down with skips be for going back to normalish even tho it stays kinda high, I   Know I can Stan to lose some lbs so idk if that would help, can’t workout because when I do it with drop for a sec then start racing really fast then calms down with skips  not fun, I been liking to minerals and other things that can maybe help some natural doctors say it can be from the foods we eat I think as heart issue patients we do have to eat a clean diet and make sure your getting all your  nutrients 

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