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Hi All,New to the forum. 62 year old male. I am currently scheduled to have a pacemaker implanted on 11/21. I have no Idea what kind. I currently have a Boston Scientific loop monitor. I was diagnosed with bradycardia back in May. It's kind of frustrating. I'm probably in better physical shape now than I had been in years. Over a year ago I started working out 4 to 5 times a week on a home elliptical machine and lost over 40 lbs. 



by Penguin - 2023-11-10 05:16:21

Hi RedTrucker,

Wishing you good luck with you loop monitor results and possible PM implant. 

Losing 40lbs is a great achievement - well done. I can understand why you feel so frustrated having achieved so much. 

Hopefully a PM will help you maintain your weight loss and importantly, you will also feel better. There are lots of people on here who continue to exercise without issue. 

Keep us informed and Welcome! 

Hi and welcome

by Lavender - 2023-11-10 06:49:33

Bradycardia is the equal opportunity issue-with disregard to sex, race, size, or fitness. It just happens. The electrical system starts flickering and the signal gets slow. You didn't cause it, but thankfully there's a cure!

Your EP and cardiologist will choose your pacemaker based on your needs. I wasn't told what I was getting. I ended up with a Boston Scientific CRT-P. 

With your good physical shape, you will have a good result from your implant. Life will be normal soon. You will be much better by Christmas!

Good for you for taking the initiative and finding this group. Knowledge is power!

May God richly bless your life as He guides your health care team to a great outcome for you!💓

Rough Journey

by Redtrucker610 - 2023-11-11 09:18:54

Thanks for the positive comments. This has been a rough journey since my  diagnosis in May. I have been hospitalized 2 more times since being diagnosed. All three times I have been hospitalized I was first told I would be leaving with a pacemaker but would then be sent home with out one. I am told I'm in a grey area. I have been experiencing episodes of lightheadedness and confusion. I never have actually passed out. My episodes just come on and I never know when they will start. Over the summer there were times I would just get lightheaded for a few seconds but could continue to function. In late October I was at work and I started to get lightheaded and could not perform some simple task that I had done many times in the past. I told my employer I had to leave and drove myself home. Once home my wife drove me to ER and I spent 2 days at the hospital. At that time was when I got scheduled. This past weekend I had 2 more episodes but they were mild. I just went and laid down for a while then felt okay. Then this past week I was at work again when another episode came on. This time it was enough that I ended up with an ambulance ride. Now I'm at home waiting for the procedure. I was told I can't drive and my employer doesn't want me at work because of the equipment I work around. 

New to club- Redtrucker

by ANDREW75 - 2023-11-11 14:26:33

Hello Redtrucker610,

Welcome, I am a new member also, six weeks since I had my implant. Last year I was hospitalized with low pulse of 30 and the attending ER doctor would not let me home. I went through a year of monitoring and my EP, Cardio Dr eventually said sooner than later for the PM implant. I am also in a gray area like you. I was diagnosed though the monitoring that I had low pulse under 60 for 36% of time-complicated with an overabundance of mild PVCs, I felt no sensations other than occasion dizziness when standing up from sitting. However, since you are passing out, I would say you need one more than I.

For a few nights after the surgery my pain management was to take Acetaminophen PM, The PM part was what I need, since I was overly focused on my new attachment. I was dwelling too much on the details with worry and could not sleep. I followed the Drs orders to a T, this was my heart, serious stuff!

Since then, I have done much research, googling watching YouTube videos and now consider myself hardened to the fact that I am a really lucky guy to have such device. I am an engineer so very used to gathering and storing information, I recommend doing this and it seems to lower my anxieties.

I had a manual that came with my pacemaker, I have read it many times. They included the link to this website; I am so glad they did.

Good luck

possible pm…

by skigrl3 - 2023-11-11 19:41:00

I have always been pretty athletic despite being a lifelong fainter with CHB. The loop nailed it for my cardiologist despite my protests. Listen to your cardiologist...I got my pm last year and I skied my first ski season with my PM in Colorado,  New England and Canada. This year on to Italy and more! Good luck, keep us posted. The loop is good, it catches a lot more than the standard....

Post OP

by Redtrucker610 - 2023-11-24 19:25:30

So my pacemaker was done Tuesday. I have my first follow up this upcoming Tuesday morning. They implanted a Boston Scientific. My card shows it an Accolade MRI EL DR. They sent me home with a transmitter that sits on my nightstand next to the bed. I think the procedure took about an hour and a half which included removal of the loop monitor. They said everything went well. I am still sore but not as bad as the first night. They just have my taking Tylenol for pain. I think I remember them saying it is set  for 60-130 bpm. So far so good. My only real concern at this time is my BP. It's still running higher than they would like to see. I will follow up more after my next appointment. So far so good

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