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7 weeks after my PM implantation

Hi my friends,

I was on another check-up yesterday, 7 weeks after my implantation. My doctor told me that I am pacing at 100% (V pacing). I have got third degree AV block - my atriums are still going very fast, but it never minds, because the ventricles are pacing by the PM.

My setting:


Mode - VVIR
Base Rate - 60/min
Hysteresis Rate - Off
V. Refractory - 300 ms
V. AutoCapture - Off
E/R Sensitivity - 1,6...


Check-up - 7 weeks after implantation my PM

Hi there,

I am going to go fo another check-up on Monday. I am quite curious... I would like to know how much I am pacing.

I know that my atriums are still running quite fast - when I was on my last check-up, I had on my ECG - HR of atrums more then 200/min.

... but because of my third degree AV block (RF ablation), my ventricles are pacing by my pacemaker now, so my real pulse is slower.

I would like to know if it is possible to feel when the atrium...


My first checkup

Had my first device interrogation today, 1 week after surgery. they said I was A pacing at 51% and V pacing only a small amount. apparently my ventricle doesn't respond to the natural signals right away so the pacer gets it going. then it seems to catch up and respond properly so the pacer stops V pacing.

They said that is good because it could add years to the battery life.

forgive me if my terminology is not correct but I am a PM newbie.

so far so good,


Second Check


Thought I would write to say how the second check went on the pacemaker. This is the first time the cardiologist took a print out. He said the pacemaker was working 1/3rd of the time, no percentage, but that sounded pretty good to me.

He also lowered the voltage to 1.5w so I do not feel the sensation in the stomach.

He has also turned the pacemaker down to 45 beats per minute as my base rate, and said that I could see how I go. Hopefully all will be well, if...


First pacer check, pacing at 37%

I was wondering for all ya'll out there who've had pacers for a long time, I got this question. I asked it before in one of my other posts but didn't really get an answer. At my first check-up, 1 week post implant, I was pacing at 37%. I was sort of surprised at that number, because it seemed kind of high. I guess I just wasn't expecting the pacer to pace that much, just once in a while. 37% sounds more like once in a while. It must mean that I must have really needed the pacer in the first plac...


Home Monitor

Just receeived a letter from My cardiologist indicating they are setting me up for home monitoring. How often is one usually checked? Just received my P/M 2 months ago.

Thanks to All.



Check-up results

I had my semi-annual heart check-up last week. My pacemaker is working fine. My battery is estimated to last another 5 years. My ventricle is paced 100% of the time and atria 60%. My thyroid is back to normal and I’m feeling fine.

My doctors still tell me that I will need my pulmonary valve replaced (I call it a valve job) sometime in the future. They are paying close attention to my echo results to see if my heart function is worsening. When I have surgery will depend mainly...


New PM

Hola, sorry for my english (I'm Spanish and I have some difficulties with the language)

Finally I got my PM 20 days ago! I have a Medtronic Kappa 703 and everything is running fine for the moment. I have a question; How long should I wait before start moving the arm?


Medtronic PM settings

I'd like to know what the settings mean. I got a printout from the EP Technician, but she does not want to take the time to explain everything to me.
What she told me was the PM is doing atrial pacing 98%, the ventricular lead is turned OFF. Don't know why, because they told me the reason for the PM was my resting heart rate was too low, and the heart pauses; so the PM was put in to maintain the low heart rate. But, I feel that the PM is working all the time, even when my heart rate is over...



Hi. I had went for my first pacemaker check and doctor appt. and "everything was fine". I still have the weird kinda heartbeat throb that comes on my the center to mid part of my stomach - sometimes in my lower throat. This is what I was getting before the pacemaker and would last for a few seconds. Now, it only lasts a second or two and I know that's probably when my pacemaker kicks in. It's only been 1 1/2 weeks since my implantation. I hear that you will feel better and probably better...


New to the pacer realm

Howdy folks,
I got a Boston Scientific Altrua 60 single lead implanted last Thursday. I'll be glad when I can drive, dress myself, and sleep without tying my arm down. (I usually like to sleep with my hands behind my head)
The operation was a blast. Fantastic doc, crew, and hospital. Everything is fine. Had my first pacer check yesterday and was surprised to be pacing at 37%. I was wondering if that's good or bad. I guess good since it's been there when I needed it.
Another thing...


is this normal?

Hi everyone! I just had a pm inserted 1 month ago. I've had 2 setting adjustments and am still easily tired. Getting better since last adjustment 2 days ago. But it doesn't take much to wear me out and get to breathing hard. BP is well withing normal range, and pulse runs usually in the 90's. Is it normal to still be tired most of the time?


Good News!!

Just wanted to share my good news esp. for members wondering what happens in the long run if you go with an Ablation & PM for Afib. In Jan. 1999 I went into permanent Afib with severe SOB & NO energy. After several cardioversions & trying all the meds to convert back to regular HB, I elected in late 2000 to go with an Ablation & a PM. Am now on second PM & went into see EP today (his call for a complete check-up) as in last year had two PM adjustments for slight SOB. So I did the Echo, PM check...


I had my 6 month PM check today

Hi All,
I had my checkup today. I'm so fortunate. Mine paces about 50% in the upper chamber and so far none in my lower one.
I have had no EPISODES since I got the PM 3 years ago.
Just wanted to share with you and to say how thankful I am.

I, too, am so thankful for the wonderful people on this forum.
I've learned so much from you all during the past few months. I was able to ask intelligent questions today and got understandable answers.

The Medtron...



Does anyone know how to interpret the printout we get. I had one given me but no explanation. I fainted one wk after having pacemaker in and thought it would stop. Not sure what to look for on it. They said pacemaker is fine.???



Hi its me again. This is my third post, Im 8 days post surgery for a lead replacement and have noticed the last few days that my pulse is around 45 and my base rate is 60. Im going for a checkup on the 13th and my cardio nurse does not seem too concerned but said that they will fiddle with the settings and hopefully get it right. Has anyone had this happen before and should i be concerned. Thanks Jean


Delay setting in PM

I had my PM implanted in early May for intermittent heart block. My heart block varies between 1st and 3rd (complete) heart block. The settings on my PM have been tweaked each of the last couple months. After the first month, the technician shut off the rate response function since I have heart block and not SSS. Going into that session my pacing was 15% in the A and 99% in the V. I have felt fine since that is shut off.

During my second visit, my pacing adjusted to 10% in the A...


PM Report

I too am confused by my first far as report says..AS-VS 13.5 %
AS-VP <0.1%
AP-VS 86.4%
AP-VP <0.1%

So is the pm working 13% or 86% ...I am totally confused...I thought that I understood it pacing 86% but am not quite sure after reading the last answer to this...thanks so much...vtlaney


Big Mess.....??

Yesterday, my settings were changed but the comments made, freaked me out. Not a good experience.

Settings: May 28/08 DDIR > VVIR
Rates: 70 > 125
Rate response curve 7

July 25/08 VVIR
Rates: 70 > 125
Rate response curve 7 > 8

July 30/08 VVIR
Rates: 70 > 140
Rate response curve 8



Thankyou to the folks who responded to my "Big Mess??" post.

I did call back and spoke with the fellow in charge of the clinic.

He had my chart, told me that they "don't usually" put anyones' pacemaker to 140, they've written "at my insistence" in my chart and then he explained how "to get more out of your pacemaker".

Apparently, my stair problems, walking problems, etc. can be handled by using "arm movements" to let the pacemaker know that I'm moving about. It...


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