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DOT Physical

I failed my DOT physical today due to having an ICD.  Doctor says I need to find another job that doesn’t require any driving.  

Didn’t think it would come to this, so depressed.  What to do.


Dual Chamber Pacemaker Boston with MRI capabilities

I am having my 8 year old Dual Chamber replaced in 45 days. Will medicare reimburse for a Dual Chamber PM which allows for MRI radiology.



I received a pacemaker in 2004 and a ICD-CRT in 2006.

I am 78 years old and have been swimming competitively for the last 12 years.

Up until several years ago there were 3 other compretive swimmers that I would communicate with but they have "retired" from swimming.


I am looking forward to communicating with swimmers who compete in the Senior's program or the Masters program.

Do you compete?

Do you know someone who competes?



Vo2 Max Test After ICD Adjustment

I am scheduled to have a Vo2 Max test (which I hate) 4 weeks after a third wire is going to be placed in my ICD. Do you think 4 weeks is too soon to have the test? Just not sure it will give me enought time to heal and to show any improvement of my heart function due to the third wire. The Vo2 test was scheduled prior to my third wire placement appointment.


Defibrillator and ionic foot detox bath

Has anyone with a defibrillator ever used one of the foot detox baths? These are the foot baths with a metal array in the water. I checked with Medtronic, the manufacturer of my pacer, and they recommended that these foot baths not be used, the fear being that the defibrillator would discharge in response to the activity of the metal array.  The rep could not tell me if a defibrillator had discharged when a patient had used the bath.

Thank you.


Informing DVLA of ICD shock

How do you go about this? I can't find the relevant link on the website - do you have to surrender your license?

I was shocked yesterday, the first time I have received one since implantation 11 months ago. 


Swelling on icd device after a week

So my name is CJ, I’m 25 years old and I had to get a ICD installed In me. I had the surgery last week on Tuesday and was released from the hospital on Thursday last week. I’m getting worried because I didn’t notice swelling until yesterday, it may have been gradually swelling over the days but it’s been over a week since the surgery so why is it swelling now? Any advice please.... thank you

P.S. I started icing it today


ICD vibrating - Medtronic DVMC3D4

Hi Folks

I think I ran across a thread on this before, but thought I would ask anyway. Has anyone else experienced vibrations coming from their ICD? No alarm, just a slight vibration that lasts a few seconds and repeats twice. This has happened a few times ...

I've only had this thing a year, so any feedback would be helpful.


CRT-D and increased ef

I am being. Upgraded to a crt-d from an icd. Has anyone experienced an improved ef after installation?


Decision to get an ICD

  • by Donny
  • 2019-09-16 21:11:40
  • ICDs

Hi, thank you for the support that this group offers!  I’m a 62 year old male and am trying to weigh the risks and benefits of having an ICD implanted and would love any and all perspectives and inputs that you can provide.

According to my doctors, I am on the “cusp” of needing an ICD. I have a slight risk of having a heart attack, but only slight. I guess any risk is not a good one. I have medium hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, meaning that the wall of my heart has...


What type to choose

What LVEF % justifies 2 wire or 3 wire? What determend if Med's working or not?


UK Drivers

Does anyone know if you need to inform you insurance company that you have had an ICD fitted ?

I have not had any symptoms to date and have it fitted as a precaution as I have an underlying hereditary heart condition. 

Can any UK drivers please advise on their experience. 

Did you inform your insurer ? 

Did the cost of insurance rise dramatically ? 


Thanks as always !


Ejection Fraction/Pacemaker

  • by JakeD
  • 2019-07-29 15:33:39
  • ICDs

I have a pacemaker/defibulator combination with a three wire lead.  My EF prior to receiving the pacemaker/defibulator was 15-20.  My question is how can you get an  accurate echocardiogram if your heart is being pumped artifically with a pacemaker?  If the pacemaker was not inside me would I still have the same EF that I have with the pacemaker implanted in  me?


Leaving Work

My primary care physician said that I work too hard and might consider disability.

I have had my device for 4 months today. I returned to my job  2 months after implant and ablation. I am working full-time but by Friday I am exhausted. I spend Saturday in bed giving my body the rest it seems to crave. Episodes of PTSD still exist but lessened. Though I am acutely aware of my heart beat. Because my issue appears to be genetic it's not going away, prompting me to dance between &q...


Travel After ICD Shock


I recently had a shock from my ICD. The Doctors office just told me to "keep on doing what I have been doing". I am planning a trip next month to France and wondered if there will be travel restrictions put on me due to my ICD going off. Also, will my remote monitor work in a different country? 





Cleveland Clinic

I'm scheduled to see Cardiologists Dr Wilkoff & two other MDs at Cleveland Clinic in Aug 2019.  Any advise for how to deal with hotels, transportation, apartment rental, etc while I will beT in Cleveland waiting on APPTs, Procedures or tests?


ICD Activity Aftermath


Has anyone else felt a little tired after your ICD is triggered? It has been a few days since my ICD went off and I find myself a little tired (also a bit anxious that this may happen again).




ICD went off due to heart arrhythmia


I was told my ICD went off the other day. I had thought I fainted but the nurse said that the ICD shocked me out of it.


She said the Dr. will likely change my meds. What type of meds would help arrithmia? I also think that my Entresto has something to do with the arrithmia since my issues started after I was on a full dose.



Putting third wire into CRT-D


Does anyone have a recommeneded EP in New York  to place a third wire into a CRT-D? My EP tried twice without success. He says I need someone who specializes in difficult placements of these wires.




Long term recovery

  • by Renny
  • 2019-06-09 06:34:33
  • ICDs

Hi. I have a crt device fitted eighteen months ago.  It’s complicated as I also have diabetes and kidney disease, but I find I’m still easily exhausted.  I'm only 64 and not quite ready to give up on it all just yet.  I can’t get answers as my docs are so pleased with my improved EF.  One just talks settings, the other medications.  My GP says I shoukd just accept what is.  So not me.  


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