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Type or brand of pacemaker

I have been advised to have a pacemaker installed to correct a slow heart rate. I am avid scuba diver and I contacted the medical staff at Divers Alert Network (DAN). They told me that if I am otherwise fit I could continue to scuba dive but that I needed a pacemaker that could withstand the pressure of 4 atmospheres of water (about 130 feet). Does anyone know which units are so rated?


Golfing with icd

Just had Icd implanted October 12 2018. 2 days ago. I know it’s too soon to ask when can I start playing golf?  


Are there any athletes in this forum?



Is anyone on this forum an athlete? I am looking to talk to anyone that either does triathalons, running races, cycles 100+ miles per week and has a pacemaker.


Kind regards,



Tachycardia after vigorous jumping

I went to an aerobic class today and ive done vigorous jumping..after 3 hours i have palpitation...and my heart rate is more than 100 beats per minute and it is not going back to my normal heart rate which is 90 beats per minute..what i shoud i do ? Im very worried..


Thank You

Thank you Konal Lawrence, Queen 50, and Swangirl for your responses to my posting. They were very helpful and I appreciate that you took the time and share your experiences

Have a great day


George Aynilian


Nothing has changed

I'm a fairly active 84yr.old and last year during a short break in a spinning class at the Gym, the instructor asked if anyone had a heart condition.  There were a few gasps when I mentioned my Pacemaker.  

To me it is a safety device which adjusts my heart rate as necessary to compensate for increased exertion but several others seemed to think that I should be 'taking it easy'  but Gym exercises and swimming are just a weekly routine to me.



New Pace maker /athlete

Dear pace maker friends

I was diagnosed 12 years ago with sinus bradycardia due to Right brachial Branch block. Lived and exercised regularly with resting HR 42bpm, at night 38bpm. Max HR during exercise was 100bpm. No light headedness, no fainting. Recently I  had severe breathing problems. At ER my resting HR was 32bpm. Next day (Sept. 4), a Medtronic pm was placed with two leads. 

I started walking on treadmill after two weeks. I was not happy with my HR on treadmill....


Pacemaker and weight lifting

I had a dual lead pacemaker implanted five weeks ago. What are my limitations in regards to weightlifting exercises. My general pre-pacer routine consisted of overhead press, shoulder press, lateral raise, seated dip, arm curl,pectoral fly, and chest press.

I have a follow up appointment in ten days, but curious as to what others have been told.

Thanks in advance.



Hi.  I am a "young" 77 year old female with a dual lead pacemaker for 2nd degree heart block which I have had for 11/2 years.  I just started taking beginner yoga and even though my Pacemaker Clinic contact said to go ahead I am worried about the stretches and poses and disconnecting a lead.  Yesterday I felt like I had squeezed my pacemaker during a stretch and it was a little tender afterwards.  Has anyone experienced any problems with yoga? 


Off-road 4 point harness - safe with pacemaker?

Hi, we do a lot of off-roading in our UTV (side by side). I am curious if anyone has had the 4 or 5 point harness seatbelts cause any problem with dislodging a pacemaker or leads from the box? It seems that there would be a lot of pressure over the area. We have not yet been out since recent placement, sub-dermal.


Working out

Hi I am 34 and just got PPM installed in me yesterday and I am an avaid gym lover. I just wanted to check will I ever be able to life weights in gym ever again ? 


Medronic A2DRO1

Hello, after reading through several posts regarding swimming, my questions remain.  In anticipation of getting back into lap swimming in three weeks, can anyone tell me (1) how a pacemaker picks up on your activity in water to make changes to your rate? and (2) what settings on your pacemaker seem to work best for lap swimming for all strokes or any particular strokes?



Heart jumping crazy the following 2 days after exercise

Hi all,

Hope all is well and thanks for a great forum!

Im 32 years old male, with a pacemaker that I got in 2014 because of 3rd degree AV block. I have always been doing some badminton og lightweight lifting, nothing intense. After my 3rd degree AV block happened and I got my pacemaker i'm experincing something strange after exercise. The doctors can't help me with an answer, so I hope someone in here can help.

When I exercise I have no troubles, but then i...


Question about exercise

Hello, I was curious if anyone can tell me if you were able to run well after having your pacemaker implanted. I am active duty military and having my pacemaker surgery in a few days. They are going to send me to a medical board and determine whether or not I can stay in or not. I am trying to be as prepaired as I can to present my case when I do. From what Im researching, it looks like after recovery, I should be able to run, do pushups and situps. Does anyone have any advice or familiarizat...


Adjusting pacemaker

I am a 46 year old female who received my pacemaker 5 months ago. I had 3rd degree blockage and at the time my resting heart rate was 46 BPM. I'm fairly active and I enjoy dancing 

Since my pacemaker, I have had 2 adjustments.   Initially my highest setting was 125 BPM , which was way too low. I was increased to 140 and finally 155.  I feel that this setting might still be too low because when I dance I get winded quickly, and light headed.  I'm wonderin...



Thanks one and all for the responce about the heart rate monitors,

Good advice I'll go about this the way I feel and forget about the numbers.

The way you are breathing and your recovery when exercising is a good indicator. 


Garminn not showing heart rate

I have been a competive cyclist since 1965. On Febuaury 22 / 2018 I had a CRT Pacemaker implanted because I was diagnosed with 3rd Degree heart block. After a few adjustments I'm feeling great and back on the Bike puting in some modest miles. 

The problem I'm having is that the Heart Rate sensor no longer works I believe the three leads are blocking the sensor. I have tryed a Polar monitor for the wrist and the problem still exist..

Has anyone had this problem and hav...


Medtronic Rate Response PM

When I ride my stationary bike I believe my heart is left to it's own devices to pick up speed and when I get to about 110-116-118 bpm I am really breathing hard. I feel like I am getting a good workout. 

However, when I'm out walking, within a minute my HR has gone up to the levels I've just described above. Obviously it is picking up my arms moving as opposed to my stationary bike.

My quandry is this. Why am I still breathing normally, as if I am walking fairly...


I can feel my PM

Hi everyone, wow I haven't been on here for 3 years, crazy. 

Ok, so anyway, I've been exercising for some time now, and I just realized today that I can kind of feel my PM. It's to the point where it doesn't feel too good, like I pushed it out of place. Do you ever get those feelings? 

Thanks in advance for your comments.



I am wanting to get back into exercising. A few weeks after my ICD I’m taking some light walks.

Of course I will work with my cardiac teams in-line with their advise.

I am encouraged that some of you are already on bikes/treadmill etc.

Are any of you doing any of the following:

press ups

weight lifting

circuit training



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