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Airbag injury

Does anyone have information on airbag deployment in an automobile accident and the potential for bodily injury caused by either malfunction of the pacemaker/defibrillator or to the body because their casing?

My wife Shirley recently had these devices implanted this year and ask me.


MRI Scan

I was at the hospital yesterday, on another problem and the specialist recommended that I went for an MRI scan. I pointed out that I had a PM and thought it was not advisable. He took a note of the make and model and thought that some types did not cause a problem.

I have a St Jude, dual chamber, and when I read the book, it says to avoid Electro Magnet Interference, EMI and lists an MRI scan as a source of EMI.

Just wondered if anybody else has any experience of MRI scans.


name stuck

hi blake i am stuck on this site my name has been there for 24 hours and i am not on jessie


nintendo and game boy

does anyone know if nintendo and game boys cause interfernece with the pacemaker and icd's i know awhile back there was concern over ipods. it will be helpful to know for me as i will be with my grand children three weeks in august. thanks maureen



Does anyone here drive a Prius? I've just received a pacemaker and am a little worried about the electric motor.

Mike Greensill


Electro-Mab Compatibility Guide from Medtronics

Medtronics mailed me a booklet "Electromagnetic Compatibility Guide".

It is a compendium of devices in the home, office, and garage, and elsewhere, which can impact your implanted device.

4 categories are:
Household Items/Hobby
Telecommunications & Office Equipment
Tools/Industrial Equipment
Medical/Dental Procedures

Their website is
Phone line 800 551-5544, Ext 41835.

It's helpful reading.


Bad experience on a tour.

Hi: I want to share with you a bad experience I had last week.
My wife and I were on a guided tour through Italy. For those not familiar with this, over there guides provide their "flock" with radio receivers walky-talky like, so that the guide proceeds with his/her explanations and the group gets the info even if they get mixed, as they usually do,with another crowd of tourists. I was given one of these things, hung it round my neck and we proceeded on a short slope towards the ruins of P...


PM & Security devices

Just yesterday my cardiologist and Medtronic emploee told me again it is important not to remain in between the security pillars at the entry to retail stores.

According to them, these devices definitely do interfere with the PM operation if you remain within the field.

Do not pause when going through these security devices. Better safe than sorry when it comes to your heart & health.


Loud Speakers

Can anyone tell me if loud speakers from a band effect a pacemaker?


music in church

Hi everyone!! It's brokenheart! I just wanted to know if any of you ever felt any problems with speakers...see i go to church a lot and there is a lot of loud music and i dont really sit close to the speakers but last week i felt very weak when i was in church and the music seemed awefully loud that day. Anyway, my heart was pounding hard but it was slower than normal and all of a sudden i started feeling dizzy like i was almost going to pass out. does any one know if loud music can affect your...


IPODS, and pacemakers.

This is an addition to Blake's post. Thanks Blake for looking further into this topic.
Although this post is taken from a comment made, in answer to the study led by 17 yrs old Jay Thaker, it, in no way should be taken as an actual fact, since no studies have been conducted, that I know of, as to its veracity.
" A 3.7v device, such as an IPOD, backed by enough current, is ample to cause short range Radio-Frequency-Emissions, that will penetrate flesh easily. The aluminum shell of a pac...


Ipods and Pacemakers

Hey Everyone,

Please check this out, very interesting article on PM’s and Ipods, they mention how many people who have pacemakers aren’t affected by Ipods becuase they don’t use them.. But I am 23 years old have a PaceMaker and use an Ipod I guess I should stop using them... anyone have thoughts?


Welding with Pacer

Hi all. I tried welding today. I had my pacer installed in Nov 07 and had not tried any welding since. It went great. I welded at arms length (pretty shakey though) and no interfence at all.
Just thought I would let anyone who was curious know.
John S


EMF and computers/power supplies

I'm a 49 year old male and had a Medtronic pacemaker implanted 3 weeks ago to correct bradycardia I've had on and off for almost 20 years! I work in a large computer lab and upon returning to work after 10 days, I noticed that my heart rate would increase to around 130+BPM everytime I walked into the lab area. It didn't dawn on me until the next day that there are several large power panels near each entrance and apparently were giving off high EMI. After enduring this discomfort for a few da...


Dental Root Canal Work

Two days ago my Dentist wanted to start Root Canal work on one of my teeth.
However, he postponed it because of a piece of dental equipment that almost all dentist now use for root canal work, and he was unsure if this equipment would be a problem with my St Jude Pacemaker.
The equipment in question is known a a "MORITA APICAL LOCATER"
This above-mentioned dental equipment, replaces the old system of the dentist having to use a small hand file to clean out the tooth canal befor...


Vehicle motor interference

I just had a Medtronic Pacemaker "installed" replacing a previous pacemaker that was 12 years old. I find that when I start the car engine and also during the trip, I have an unusual feeling the whole time I am driving. I have never had this before with the other PM (another brand). Does anyone else get this same sensation? It has been adjusted once and seems to be better, but I still feel a slight sensation.
This is my third PM. I have not ever had any kind of problems before.


UPDATE: PM Problems whey Flying

If you remember my earlier post in February regarding interference with my pacemaker when flying, I have gotten some validation from a reliable source. To recap the problem, although I have flown hundreds of times since getting my implant, three times in the past 10 years I have experienced problems with it malfunctioning while flying. The manufacturer does not admit a problem with it and my cardiologists didn't offer any support either. In other words, nobody believed me.

All I kn...


Polygraph Testing??

Does anyone know if the pacemaker will interfere with taking a polygraph test??


Television Towers.


I am currently looking into getting a job with a local PBS TV station, but I am suppose to get a pacemaker on Monday. Does anyone know if the pacemaker would interfere with me having this job, or do I need to just stay away from the transmitting equipment? I know it's a bit of a random question, but I'm curious.



auto start

are the auto start systems in new cars ok with pacemakers


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