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Ear Buds

Hi all

Does anyone know whether it's safe to use blue tooth ear buds with a pmkr?  

Thank you 



Reclining beds and pacemaker

Soo I plan to order a reclining bed for my mom who I take care of. However,  I am wondering if these reclining electrical beds interfere with pacemakers since I will be near the bed most times. 
I asked the store if the bed has magnets or does it interfere with pacemakers and they didn't provide concrete answers. 

Does anyone know if these beds interfere with pacemakers? 




Airport security scanners

I know this has been covered before but the replies are from a few years back. I wonder what was the current opinion about passing through them. In my mind there are three types:

1. The archway that you first walk through after putting your baggage on the conveyor to be XRayed

2. The box you stand in if something has triggered on the walk through

3. The hand held wand that whizzes over your body.

I have somewhere a pacemaker card but am travelling tomorrow and if...


Pacemaker icrtd and microphone

Hi my name is Andrew and am soon to be fitted with an icrtd pacemaker. I am a musician and sing a lot. Is it safe for me to use a microphone. I use sm 58 s mainly folk music. I use a jcb portable pa but mainly on mains electricity. 





Hi all..its been a while since I have posted....have been really happy and fit as a fiddle...( Until a recent flu bug got me!)

So just wondering if anyone out there is taking Entestro and had any long term effects of it apart what the drug is suposed to do..I have been happily taking it for 3 years now and not only has it boosted my ejection fraction but i can almost recreate like a teenager.Lat night i got rigors and I wondered if it was from the Entestro..? I do suffer asthma and...


Headphones blue tooth

Has anyone used bluetooth headphones with no problems or any issues in regards



Getting an osteopath treatment

My osteopath siad that the pacemaker is touching my shoulder bone.  I know that the surgeon really jammed it up against the shoulder bone when he put it in.  I have a lot of issues with my should and the facia and tendons in the shoulder.  Is it ok for the osteopath to work close to the device and if so how sturdy is the device to withstand a bit of massage etc.?


OK to mow the lawn 4 days after pacemaker implant?

Hello, I had a Medrtonic Azure implanted about 4 days ago.  I want to mow my lawn on a riding zero turn radius mower.  The ride is a bit bumpy, as the lawn isn't very smooth.  I've got just over an acre to mow.

Might seem like a stupid question, but is it OK to be jostled around a bit while mowing?  I know to keep my elbow below my shoulder etc... 


Meta Quest 3 VR Headset

Hello everyone 

I got my Pacemaker in March 2023.  I am getting to the point now that I sometimes forget that I have one.  There are times I forget about interferences that I need to be concerned about. 


I just ordered the Meta Quest Vertual Reality Headset.  Then it hit me... am I able to use this?  I played on ine at Easter for abiut 10 min and had no issues, but I don't want to spend a bunch of money on something that could be a ri...


Patient app help

I'm new to this pacemaker club and have a Biotronik Cardio Messenger by my bed.  I'm told that as long as it has an "OK" showing on it, I shouldn't worry about my pacemaker.  It's been over 3 months now since my pacemaker was installed and no other instructions except a Patient app for my iphone.  I've tried using the Patient app, but it won't work from my house, only if I'm out and about.  I contacted Biotronik and they said to use th...


Lenovo Yoga 7i Wifi Interference


I bought a Lenovo Yoga 7i laptop and the wifi interferes with my pacemaker. I feel pressure in my chest and possible slight flutter whenever I turn on the wifi. I'm going to use Ethernet when I'm at home instead. I might also look into an external wifi adapter later. I'd rather not return the laptop.

Does anyone know of an external wifi adapter that I can plug into a USB-C port that they know will not interfere?




Four years ago I was told I needed a pacemaker. I got a second opinion from a rhythm clinic at a hospital where my husband was a cardiovascular and thoracic surgeon. They said I didn't need one. Ten days ago I was implanted with a Boston Scientific for Sick Sinus Syndrome in Costa Rica where I live. I am extremely grateful for the information on this sight. Sometimes things get lost in translation. I have a lap pool with a saline chlorination system that uses electrolysis which is a sourc...


power recliner with massage

Will massage functions on a power lift assist recliner mess with the pacemaker?


Cataract Surgery

Before Covid set in I was promised cataract surgery in both eyes over a period of a few months, but only managed to have the right eye done before all appointments were cancelled.  Today I attended a long awaited pre-op assessment of my fitness to have the cataract removed from my left eye.

The nurse seemed unusually concerned about my pacemaker.  She didn't seem to know I had one, even though I had my right eye Cataract removed at the same hospital with a p...


Power Tools with pacemaker

I just got my pacemaker the end of December and was told that I had to be careful about using power tools.  I want to use an electric hedge trimmer and also power wash my patio.

Does anyone know if it's okay to use these power tools?

Thank you!




Hi I went to my  GP today to get to renew my script and he decided just to do a full check up on me. And he did a ECG and he was getting alot of interference on the report.

What a Googled afterwards i think he made a mistake of putting the leads in the wrong place.

But my question is I'm feeling a little tender around the pacemaker hurts a little. Will the ecg  change any settings on the pacemaker or cause I little discomfort.





Will big sony headphones interfere with my pacemaker? I have just had one fitted. I have a Medtronic Azure MRI surescan. Thanks 


Interference from vacuuming floors or leaf blower with cords

I am new to my pacemaker and I need to do some housework and back yard leaf blowing.  Will the vibrations interfere with my new pacemaker?

Thank you!



Good afternoon
I am 71 fitted with Medtronic pacemaker 3 years ago for afib. 
I sometimes when walking get slight pain in calf muscle feel it could be circulation. Would it be ok to use revitive circulation booster?


Best Pacemaker

I am about to get a pacemaker in two days at 83 years old. I'd like to know if anyone has had experience with pacemakers and antique automobile unshielded ignition systems. 

This is a new experience and I don't know what to expect.




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