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Sleep Number Beds

I'm a new Biotronik pacemaker recipient .  Our Sleep Number bed has a motor which causes the head and foot of the bed to lift, and also to vibrate.  Does anyone know if this motor will create interference with my pacemaker?    Thx, Mike



i know smoking is bad overall and worse for us but is therr a difference between smoking in recovery and smoking after recovery? like i know i have to quit but will it be any different if i smoke 2 days after implantation compared to smoking after the 2 month recovery



Does electocautery during a colonoscopy cause interferance with a pacemaker?


abdominal aortic aneurysm screening

I've had a letter to attend an Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm screening due to my age which involves an ultrasound scan and wondered if it would interfere with my CRTD ?


LED Device


I've been considering buying a device for my skin that combines red light therapy alongside heat therapy. It is a hand held wand. It says in small print do not use with heart condition but not sure if it's similar to not using an induction job which I now use all the time?  Any advice appreciated

thanks Sue 



safe medical alert system

Hi.  I have had a pacemaker since 2017 for a problem with heartrate dropping too low and stopping.  I am getting a medical alert system from MobileHelp called Mini.  I first got there system which did not have fall detection or voice contact on necklace and had to carry a seperate unit when out of the house that also had gps, fall detection and voice.  I decided it was hard to use and asked about their new unit that contained all of those you wear around your neck.  T...


Breast cancer and radiation

Hello, I am 43 years old, I have a pacemaker on my left side and I have been diagnosed with breast cancer on my left breast. 
The radiation oncology told me that I won't be able to have radiation with the pacemaker and I will have to move it to the other side. I am terrified. I am 100% paced for heart block third degree. 
Do you have any experience with this? Were you able to get radiation therapy close to the PM?

thabk you so much 


Eyelid surgery and pacemakers

My eye doctor has recommended surgery to fix an upper eyelid drop (ptosis). I have read of interferances between electro-cautery and laser with pacemakers. Has any one in this forum undergone eye lid surgery?


Shockwave Tissue Regeneration Therapy with a PM?

Hello everyone,

As part of my journey to find some answers to my vision/motion issues, I have started to see a chiropractor for daily adjustments and some other fun exercises and movements. 

One of the most recent therapies that they started on me was shockwave tissue regeneration to my neck and upper shoulders. I explained to them that I had a PM recently implanted and they didn't seem too concerned. I've never heard of this treatment before until now, so I wasn'...



Hi everone,

Can a pacemaker cause false blood pressure reading?




I accidentally put my phone next to my pacemaker, i mean I actually touched my skin with my phone on the pacemaker incision and Im getting very anxious because I did it once again, does anything happen to us or the pacemaker or our heart when our phone is that close??? 

thank you 


TENS unit safe?

I'm about to start PT. Do I need to go through the TENS unit drama or are they ok to use? I have a pm not an ICD. Called my cardiology office... as usual you need to wait 7-8 years for a callback.



Bottle lock, security tag remover

Hi all, 

Has anyone worked retail, where the bottle lock magnet is on the counter not far from you?  Any experience with interference from these magnets?


To all the girls

Hey girls! Im very interested in reducing cellulite on my legs as I haven't been working out because of bradycardia (I was scared). I am 1.70cm and 53kg, I am skinny but not "fit", which I dont like and recently Iam interested in doing a treatment for cellulite and body sculpting. Is it safe for us with pacemaker? Has any of you tried a body treatment before? What is safe for pacemakers? 


Use of a Bemer electromagnetic device (to enhance blood flow) with a pacemaker

I was accustomed to using my Bemer electromagnetic device every day to encourage circulation before the addition of a pacemaker. The Bemer has 150 micro-tesla. I understand I must ask my cardiac doctor to what extent the Bemer might make disfunctional my pacemaker, given its make, an Abbott, Model 2272.

Do any of you have a Bemer device, and have you been able to use it with your pacemaker?



A jolt!

I've had my pacemaker for eight weeks without any problems.  Super easy experience.  However, four days ago, after I got up in the morning to go to the bathroom, a real jolt hit my shoulder and I screamed.  It was all over in a split second but I was on my way to falling down.  What in the world caused this?  I've never had anything like this in my life but I have to presume that it was the pacemaker.


Copper support stockings

Does anyone know if you can wear copper support stockings if you have a pacemaker?


new to the club

long time lurker, first time poster

i'm a 37 year old woman who just underwent a pacemaker implant 3 days ago for severe sinus bradycardia. overall, i'm feeling okay- sore and tired, but i know this was the right move for my best life (i'm a single mum to a  8 year old boy, i need all the energy i can get)

i have some general anxiety about the whole thing, there are lots of thoughts running through my head (is the dizziness norma...


Apple AirPods Pro?

Anyone else use the wireless Apple AirPods with a pacemaker? I see Apple recently released documents stating most of their products would suggest not using with pacemaker. 

i use Apple AirPods Pro and have a stainless steel Apple Watch Series 6 with the magnetic wrist loop. 

wondering if these are safe? I see people say the Watches are fine, but I wonder if I should try a different band as the metal one is held together by a magnet. 



Magnetic eye lashes

Can I wear magnetic lashes with my implant, pacer/defib.


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