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Missing beats

Feels like heart rate getting slower and missing beats , don't know what to think about it getting nervous and worried 


Subcutaneous Tethering

About 50% of my pacemaker is under the skin as opposed to under the muscle. An area of about 1" x1" has become permanently tethered to the skin. Hospital says the risks involved in reseating the device make it preferabl to leave it as it is. Occasionally the area gets bruised if I'm un lucky enough to knock it on something. Any bruising disappears after a few days.

I'd welcome any comments from others with this condition with regard to the longer term safety.



It's been 11 weeks arm and shoulder are improving , taking daily walks and recently started getting out for errands. Still feeling a bit of wobbly leg feeling but overall trying to rebuild my leg strength.check up is in 2 weeks.


Adapting to PM?

I'm a little over 6 weeks post-implant and working with my EP and device nurse to find the best settings. After the last go-round my EP said he wanted me to try these settings for a while and see how they are.

The problem is they're "good" but not "great". Somewhat lightheaded all the time, some odd behavior while cycling, etc.

The logical inconsistency (for me) is that in clinic they make a change and ask "better/worse", perhaps after a walki...



I know many of us with a pm also experience a fib.  Do you wear a smart watch with an ecg function?  Why or why not and which device do you use? 




Do you have leadless dual chamber pacing?

If you have dual chamber leadless, was this your first or were you paced previously? If paced previously, were your leads extracted or did they leave them in?

Medtronic or Abbott?

I have other questions, but that'll do for now :)



Light hearted post - Do you believe that pets can sense human distress and discomfort? 

I ask because I had some nasty arrhythmia for the first time for ages this evening and a furry bundle arrived at my feet for a cuddle as soon as it started, and abandoning his place next to my husband on the sofa for once!  This has happened a few times before and I'm curious as to whether or not your pets behave in this way? 




Heart catharazation with pacemaker

Anyone have a heart catharazation with a pacemaker?  I'm worried about that  having the leads in my heart.



Hi, brand-new to the board


This format is gonna take some getting used to! I hope this goes where it's intended... Anyway, hello.


PM automatic transmission

I have a Medtronic Azure and every three months it automatifcally sends a report transmission back to the homeland.

Today is the day for this third such transmission.  Never paid any attention to the two "sucessful transmissions" in past six months.  This one, however, seems to be 'stuck'.  It keeps up with the correct time and says it's "active."

Just wondering, if and how much battery power this transmission takes.  Just seems...


Just a reminder of our important rules

Just a reminder to all members that we need to respect some common rules of “decency” when we post or make a comment on other members’ posts.  I have recently received a number of complaints about some of the comments that are being made.  I have to say that Tracey and I are doing our best to keep this site safe and clean, but it can be an uphill struggle sometimes, at least for me, to know how best to proceed.  

As you will read under Clu...


Is Pacemaker ok

I have had my Pacemaker since 2015. For the past several months i feel a distinct vibration and a sound both only heard by myself. Sometime sounds louder than other times. I have verified these things with several Dr.'s and none can hear or feel these. I recently had a CT Scan of ears and all seems ok. Neuro/Ent Dr. said check with Cardiologist. I had an appointment with my Cardiologist and as a part of our conversation, he said the vibration/sound is not heart-related without doing any c...


CPAP AHI noticeably since Pacemaker

Boston Scientific L131 implanted 8/7 and follow up with a slight tune 8/17 during follow up to help alleviate lightheadness when standing up.

Overall feeling noticeably better since PM. 

But AHI, specifically CA's (Clear Airway) a bit higher. AHI average hovering around 3 post PM vs around 1 pre PM

My settings are the same (I'll double check again)

Any CPAP/PM users with any experience.

I'm overall healthy, cycling regularly. Only reason for PM w...


Using your real name/pseudonym

Hi there. Just a suggestion-please use a pseudonym (fake name) when setting up your account. It's so easy to look you up when you use your real name. It's easy to see the pics of your family and even your address and phone number, and workplace in some cases. Some might not be concerned. I'm more private. 

I do not use Facebook or Twitter (X) or other social media accounts, I am not criticizing those who do. Just a thought that here, in this space, it may be...


Using eye wand with pacmaker

Had pacemaker 2018. ( All Good ) 

Just purchased a heated eye wand to try and cure my dry eye condition.

On receiving purchase have read the instructions which say don't use with pacemaker with cardiac defibrillator . I haven't got defibrillator so would this be ok if I keep it six inches away from my pacemaker 


Data from pacemaker

I know that the Medtronic MyCareLink relay transmits data to my care providers, but is there a way that I can also receive those reports directly?


Lack of energy

When you have a pace maker does it cause a drop in energy level?


What magnets do to pacemackers

Someone recently asked what happens if a magnet is place near a pacemaker.

check the link

Now this guy worked at Medtronic for 14 years .

I urge everyone to watch all his posts

He is a member here.


Doc DX



Sinus Node Pauses

Hey guys, 

This is for my Sick Sinus Node Syndrome friends with pacemakers. 

I've had my pacemaker two years now, I often feel symptomatic like I did pre pacemaker install. Before install, I could feel my pauses coming flash back of neck, pressure build up in chest, gut pressure. A lot of physical feelings before a pause. 

I still feel those symptoms now, even with a pacemaker. However, instead of passing out, or getting di...


Tattoos with pacemakers

Morning guys,,

any input please, I have a couple of tattoos over the years before my ICD and pacemaker was fitted and they are fading and need touching up,,, but  I've asked a few artists and I kinda get a blank expression on there face where the tools they use are magnetic. One of the tattoo is about 10cm from the pacemaker and the other is on my back opposite the pacemaker,, any thoughts would be appreciated,, 


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