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Back training


I am starting back to my jogging and weights. I am taking note of a training program for getting back. I run 60 secs walk 60 secs for 20 mins - this is for the first week, second week graduates to more running.

I did this and also lifted some weights. I have had an all clear from the cardiologist after a stress test on a bike to see if I was OK. This evening when I had just finished lifting light weights then went to lay down, my heart went out of rhythm for about...



iam 36 and still play rec-basketball, and iam looking for a chest protector for df/pm. Iam new to this i just had my surg-3 months ago and iam ready to play ball again.. help

chest protector-for basketball use



Hi. I am a 68 male with a Boston Scientific/Guident PM. Itake no supporting drugs and consider that I am reasonably fit but need excercise. I want to join a local fully equiped gym. Can anyone advise a program or what I can or can not do.

Many thanks




Lack of guidance about exercize

I am a 67 yr old male. I had a double lead Guidant PM implant about a month ago for an accidentally discovered sinus block condition (asystole for 5.5 secs). I have worked with free weights and done cardiovascular (CV) exercizes all my life and have just gotten back to my CV routine.

I am eager to get back to weights (after another one or two months as recommended) and am not sure whether I can exercize using free weights or should use resistance machines.

I very much ap...


question on exercise

hi all, i'd just like a little advice from you pros. i was told by the doctors that i could resume normal activities and exercise after 3 weeks of implantation.
but after reading the horror stories of people with leads slipping out of place, i'm now not sure if i should wait longer. advice welcomed

dying for a swim,



I'm 51 and just got my PM last Friday, completely unexpectedly. I passed out a few times and my heart stopped for too long, so I was told it was a no-brainer. I'm sure it was the right call. Other than these episodes, my heart is in great shape and the doctor told me there shouldn't be any restriction on exercising, so I'd like to continue playing soccer on over-40 and over-50 teams. However, I've read that if you have a PM you should avoid contact sports, though, and sometimes it can get pr...


wii Fit board

does any one know if I can use the Wii fit board as it measures your bmi, and when i joined a gym they could not do it as it may have interfered with my pacemaker


Masters Swimming

Hi all,
I have been involved with Masters Swimming since the early 1970's. I became attached to my PM in March 2005.
Would any of you doing swimming work-outs tell me about any changes you have had - compared to pre-PM? If you did experience any changes, how did you adjust?
I would greatly appreciate you comments. Thanks for your time and help.



Running and Weightlifting

Hi everyone,

My cardiologist insisted on a pm after I passed out one day in April, '08 because of a low heart rate. I think it was because I took my metropolol pills to control atrial fib, too close together. My pm is set at 50 bpm.

Prior to this, I was running thirty miles a week and engaging in heavy lifting in the gym. (I am 69 years old and have worked out all my life) My question is: Dare I eventually go back to heavy dumbell presses and curls or should I fear injury a...


Has anybody gained weight after pm

After I got my PM I had gained over 40 lbs, and i'm having a hard time to loose the weight, I try to work out but I get tired easily, sometimes i don't even have energy to get out of bed, what can I do? has anyone had the same problem? I try to eat healty, sometimes i don't even have time to eat, and I haven't lost an ounce.

please help



Is my PM rate correct?

I have a VDD PM. Some times I feel that it stops me to continue running, not sure if the settings are ok for someone who is running a lot.
Here they are:
Mode: VDD, Mode switch off, Rates: Lower:50, upper 150
AV intervals: sensed AV 120ms, rate adaptive AV: on
Start rate: 70ppm, stop rate: 150PPM min SAV 30ms
PVARP:auto, min: 250, pvab:150 VertRef:230 PMT Interv:off PVC resp:off

Artial High Rate Epsisodes:
detection ra...


some issues with activity

Hi everyone
Just passed the first year of living with PM. I had only heart block problem and that’s why I received a PM. I can run and play soccer, but usually the day after I play my heart starts pounding and I feel lots of pressure on my neck. And it is on and off for a couple of days. A couple of times since last year I had to go to ER because of this issue, and they put me on monitor and even though that I had that feeling, they couldn’t see anything wrong with my heart. I even not sur...


Heart Rate monitors

Question.....I have been trying to increase my running, I currently run 5 times a week 6 - 10 kms at a time....I am wanting to get a heart rate monitor. The reason for this is that when I use my stepper or the treadmill I notice that my heart rate fluctuates dramatically....I spoke with my PM tech on my last visit and she made some adjustments but she told me that maybe is was the machine not picking up my heart rate properly.....I thought that was a reasonable answer, until such time that I wa...


Calling all firefighters


I am a 39 yo Firefighter/Paramedic and got my pacemaker about 2 1/2 weeks ago. Recovery is going well and I am hoping to get off light duty and back to work by September. Are any of our members active Firefighters? My questions are about throwing ladders, pulling ceiling, lifting heavy patients and forcible entry. Have you had any problems physically with the site hurting or mechanical problems like a lead breaking with such physical work. One more question, does the intense...


Firefighter again

Thanks for all of the feedback. For those who are worrying or concerned, I don't have my PM to keep me alive, on the contrary, it just keeps my resting heartrate above 50. I have no exercise issues and never have. I would not go back on the job if I were a hazard to my crew. I have discussed this at length with my specialists. My heart functions great when exerting. If I were to break a lead at a fire it wouldn't affect my heart rate because my reart rate would be above 50 due to the adrenal...


Rowers and scullers

Have not seen any problems from anyone who row or sculls with pacemaker. I have had Medtronic Kappa KDR901 implanted in 2006. My running since the implant has caused me no problems but my rowing after 20min exercise my h/r would decrease.

After discussions and tests it would seem that the Medtronic unit has inbuilt motion sensor that detects the vertical motion of running okay but with the rowing not imparting this motion. Anyone out there had any experience?



military question

Hey peter
i've just read your message. OMG.... LOL.... as my wonderful teenage sons' would say. Actually, if they find out I just used them, they will NEVER say them again!
Always damn fine to read something that actually makes me laugh on this site
By the way, for some reason, your PM Club 'private' email is not working
Take care
Sasha/ Gonzi


gees peter, bring a firefighter down

You SO have to be a Pom, or pommy born. Harsh, to the point, hold no punches, gees boy, lighten up a smidgin ( still made me laugh with the other comment tho!)
by the by, my pacer is sub muscular
Gonz :->


thanks Cathryn :->

Hey girl
Thanks heaps for your message. Yep, looks like the Australian Army takes ALL kinds!! Hope all is well in your world. Actually, where IS your world??? That's the weird thing about this medium. we are anywhere and yet at the exact same place. Sometimes you just gotta love the www.....sometimes!
Take care, talk soon
Gonzi ( or Sasha to my civi mates) !!!


update on a soldier

hey all
Well for anyone out there that read my post almost exactly a year ago(Hey Hannah,Hey Cathryn), here is an update. It took me a lot of arguing, and a massive amount of support from both my doctors, my superiors and my partner, but we did it. I am now the first member with a pace maker who has been given the official ok to not only stay in the Army, but to chose the direction of my career with almost no restrictions. I still train hard, tho, at almost 39 now, and with the pacer doing...


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