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I am a prospective candidate for Pacemaker as per my cardiologist, though I do not have any symptoms and leading peaceful retired life at 74 age.  Looking at a few posts, the following doubts cropped up. 

Q1:- Are there any cases where PM might cause hindrance to a peaceful death process for the patient on the deathbed?

Q2:- If it turns out to be an obstacle to a natural death for the patient, does USA law allows the deactivation of the device?  




New to the Club

I am scheduled to have my ICD implanted on 15 October. All of this is very new to me and overwhelming. The closer I get to my surgery date, I'm getting more anxious. I have a great medical team who determined this is the best treatment for me given my medical history.  What are some of the common and uncommon things I can expect during my 6 week recovery?


Different Models of CRT-D Devices

  • by BarbD
  • 2018-09-20 14:02:11
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How does the EP doctor decide which CRT-D device to use on a particular patient?  It looks like there are several manufacturers (Medtronic, Boston Scientific, St. Jude, ...?) and each manufacturer makes several models.  How do you know which one if the best one for you?  Are there specific ones that are better than others, or with better features I should be looking into?  Sorry - kind of overwhelmed here and trying to do some research.


Warm flush sensation while driving

Hi, I am 2 months post ICD surgery. Today while driving I suddenly felt a warm flush sensation in the middle of my head started to feel woozy...and to keep from feeling like I was going to pass out/lose control of the vehicle...I started breathing heavily in and out to get me through. Has anyone ever experienced this before? Could it be related to the ICD? Or perhaps this is something I need to talk about with my family doctor?


CRT-D: New and out of my mind with anxiety

  • by BarbD
  • 2018-09-17 14:15:27
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I have cardiomyopathy with an EF of 35, and I wore a Zio patch for 2 weeks to evaluate palpitations.  The patch showed short runs of VT so it was recommended that I seean EP doctor.  Well I met with the EP doctor the other day, and he “offered” me the option of getting a CRT-D device.   I did some reading over the weekend and read about lots of different complications you can have from this surgery (stroke, heart attack, lead perforations/dislodgements/failures...


Low Cholesterol level after ICD firing?

I know it's a long shot, but does anyone know if being zapped by your ICD would drop your cholesterol levels?  Or maybe if amiodarone would drop the levels.  I'm looking at my test results after my shock storm and total cholesteral is combined 119, with ldl and hdl 59 and 60.  Triglicerides are normal though.   Just wondering if anyone had experienced this while I wait to have another test done after Hurricane Florence moves out of here. 


ICD implant

ROBO. I hardly think I would be on this forum if I had died. Stupid remark.


ICD implant

When admitted to hospital I was MORIBUND, dead,. I was on life support, therfore unable to authorise anything. My next of kin were not notified. It was implanted to make some doctor feel good about himself.


ICD beeps while out of country

  • by Cody7
  • 2018-09-09 14:27:22
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Hello all, I have a Medtronic ICD I got 2 years ago and I’ve never had an arrhythmia, or a shock. I just arrived in Bologna, Italy which I was super excited for as it’s my first time out of country, so of course on my first day my ICD beeps for the first time ever. I called my DR and couldn’t really understand him that clearly. He said it probably was nothing but could be a bad lead or something about voltage but we needed to query the device, although he said it could wait...


Warm defibulator site.

From day one, trouble. One night home,  next morning I felt sick, sick feeling in my head, then a cracking noise like a whip. 10x. Also the op sight hot every morning and other times during the day. 


ICD Storm!

Just back from the hospital.  On Tuesday night my ICD fired.  I called 911, ambulance came and no sooner was I in the back when it fired again.  As they were putting in a port (catheder for giving meds) I told them it was going to fire again, they looked at me and then I yelled "Clear".  It fired again ripping the port out of my skin.  They finally got one in and while they were attaching the electrodes to my chest I told them it was happening again, yelled...


ICD Iplant and Exercise

Hello to group, my first post so I have a Medtronic ICD and I really appreciate input or opinions, I'm 69 Years and like to exercise and weight lift but I've had to somewhat restrict my weightlifting, now I've been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and will undergo Hormone therapy, one of things that can help is weight training to help prevent bone density loss, my question is looking for input regarding ICD implants, leads and relate to weight lifting, anybody else have an implant a...



Hi, June 1st, 2018 I had my ICD implanted..never felt great or even better after the implant  I have LBBB. I had a icd revision on Aug 27th. The EP accused me of twiddling. The device had twisted and the leads were out and I was palpatating through my diaphragm. I don't think the leads were put in right. I did not twiddle. I feel like I have taken 10 steps backwards. Anyone else have these issues. I was scheduled for an adjustment to see about getting me more energy. Now back to squa...


An ICD Barks!

Wife's HS reunion coming up and she's been communicating via text/e-mail with HS friends recently.. One of her best HS friends hubby has a PM with an ICD enabled.  Few days ago, wife's friend says she and her hubby were walking, and he just dropped to the ground. They were in a neighborhood setting, and locals called EMS - who arrived within minutes. The husband was  alive and was transported to a local ER and hospitalized for a couple days.  Later, it was foun...


Two weeks in

Almost two weeks since my implant procedure and things are going pretty ok. 
Healing remarkably fast (I usually do) despite being a diabetic. 

A little frustrated that my ICD doesn't do anything - just sits and watches in case I need it. I know that when I'm older I'll probably be thankful to have it.

Sleeping has been pretty rough - I tend to sleep on my stomach and haven't been able to since the procedure. Have bought a cheap butt/doughnut pil...


Icd and coping

  • by ybono
  • 2018-08-07 19:58:06
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Hello everyone this is my first message here I received my ICD back in May of this year I have horrible anxiety now my shoulder has never hurt so bad in my life im not sure what to do or how to cope but I'm glad that I'm not alone I am very thankful for this group


Home from the hospital with new ICD

Now officially a part of the club! 
Got my implant on 8/1/18.
Home from the hospital 24 hours later.  

A little sore, a little overwhelmed - but greatly relived. 
Thanks to everyone here for all the info and guidance that got me this far! 

Added a couple pics to the gallery. 

‚ÄčAny tips on the healing process would be greatly appreciated! 



Newbie here.  SCA 2/19/09, ICD 2/20/09.  No zaps, but several episodes where the ICD was "fighting" with my heart and within a hair of being zapped.  Ventricular pacing, preparing to have battery replaced before the end of 2019.


New to this

Hi - new here. 60 year old male in southern AZ.  Went into cardiac arrest while jogging June 3.  Two bystanders called 911 and gave me CPR until EMTs arrived.  They're the reason I'm still alive.  Was airlifted to hospital in Tucson, and had an ICD implanted June 7, discharged the next day.  I was told my EF is 17% and that I have cardiomyopathy.  I'm on Entresto and carvedilol 2x per day.  Another echo scheduled Aug 22.  No history of heart...


Big thumps

Two nights ago I woke up to what felt like big thumps in my chest.  They did not hurt.    No other symptoms but definately a feeling inside that one would take notice of.  Anyone have this type of experience?




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