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Migrating ICD

Hello Everyone, 

New to the group - First ICD installed 2004 - On my third device. 
This third device has been nothing but trouble since it’s change out in May 2014.  

The silly thing keeps migrating around - The first was immediate after the change out. Kept telling the Device Techs that something was not right, they kept telling me, it just needs time to heal. October 2014, insisted that Doc look at it and here it was just days away from break...


ICD and adjustments

  • by TMo
  • 2017-12-19 12:44:23
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I have a ICD device since 2011 and replaced generator in 2015 I have the Riata lead and was told there is a magnet we can get to turn off the device in the case of multiple shocks is there such a magnet and has anyone used it? Thanks TMo 



Turn it off

  • by Nunya
  • 2017-12-08 03:34:33
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Has anyone had their ICD deactivated? I've had mine since 2012 and it has never done anything or recorded any events. 

I want it deactivated. What's the process?


V-Tach Storm

  • by nefus
  • 2017-12-05 02:14:50
  • ICDs

I just got out of the hospital yesterday. I had received 32 appropriate shocks during a VT Storm. It was terrifying. 

What was your VT storm like? Or shock storm (inappropriate shocks)?


ICD Removal

Has anyone ever gotten their ICD removed? Starting my research for it and what better way than to hear personal experiences! 


Travel to Europe

Received my first shock the other night from my pacemaker/defibrillator and it was not pleasant. Implanted in May 2017 and had booked a tour to Italy.  Has anyone experienced ICD issues in Italy !   Thank you.  And be well !   


ICD and a DVT because

Hello, I’m new to the club. I’ve had my ICD for 12 years now. Back in 2013 it was replaced because my lead was recalled. Who whole device was replaced so that I had more battery life. With that said this week I was diagnosed with a DVT in my upper left extremity which from what I have been told is extremely rare. The Doctors determined that it was provoked by my ICD lead since that is where the clot is located. My Electrophysiologist was not to concerned and gave me...



I have got an ICD implant model number: EDIGA DR D394DRG on 30 August 2017 at a hospital in Bangalore, India.
I have been experiencing dizziness and lightheadedness even while I am relaxing. After these episodes I got tests like Holter, ECHO and ECG which have tuned out negative. I also feel a loss of stamina and general feeling of weakness. During these episodes my BP has been normal and my heart rate is generally at 52-56 .All this symptoms are worrisome. Please advise


Turning off ICD

  • by DMJ
  • 2017-10-18 15:57:57
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Hello, I did not see anyone comment on turning off ICD at the end of  human life.  I understand that the pacemaker funtion can remain, yet the ICD be turned off. I'm looking for a form to put with my end of life care so this can be done.  I'm very afraid of being shocked when I'm dying.


9 Days Away from ICD

  • by OKJoe
  • 2017-10-16 21:03:44
  • ICDs

I discovered this forum a week or so ago and have really enjoyed the good information and insights.  Here's the deal:. I'm 61 years old,. Ejection Fraction of 16, severly dialated left ventricle, global hypokinesis, moderately dialated left atrium.  On the positive side, I have absolutely zero arterial plaque, no edema and no CHF.  I am 40 to 50 lbs overweigt but I'm working on that.  I am scheduled for a n ICD implant on 10/25. 

I am right in the ce...


Medical costs

I have recently posted on this site for the first time. I have received some fabulous advice and information. I enjoy reading your quotes which appear at the bottom of the page. But today's quote mentioned an ICD mortgage. I'm from England so NO medical costs but am I correct in thinking that you must pay for this life saving treatment in USA?


So frightened

My pre assessment is on 06 oct 2017 with CRTD implant booked for Nov 1st. I am really not coping with the thought of going through this. I have two arguments going on in my head... have it, it will save your life. Then.....I feel too well to be as ill as they say I am. Perhaps they have mixed up my medical notes with someone else's! I guess this is denial but it sure feels real.

I am a "healthy" 65 year old "life and soul of the party" type of gal. They tell...


When an ICD is EOL. When to replace?

A friend of a friend is very upset because he has been told his defibrillator is near its end of service.  His understanding is that because of insurance issues, it has to quit, be dead, be totally out o power, before it can be replaced. All he has been told is to call the doctor's office when it buzzes and it will be replaced immediately. Middle of the night? Yes, call. On a weekend? Yes, call.

His fear, of course, is that he will need it between the time i...


just wondering

Hi i have had my icd since august 2016

every now again i get these little nips  around the icd. Is this  the icd working.

They arnt painful,

thankyou for your advice


VERY Inappropriate Shocks

Hello. I had a 3 lead pacer installed August 2014. Was decided November 2016 that I needed an ICD upgrade due to low EF. August 2017 I received 33 inappropriate shocks in a 2 hour period. ER was unable to stop shocks with the magnet, it took the St. Jude Rep. and her computer to stop the shocks. It was brutal. I kept being aske if I had been in an accident or had I fallen. I had not. They just could not understand how this happened. My doctor took the St. Jude out the next day, and repla...


Good Knowledge Site:

Seems like a great site that answers many questions

Hope it helps!


Life Vest

I had a cardioversion about two weeks ago but seems like it didn't help and now having issues with VT.  The Dr has mentioned in the past about an upgrade to an ICD (third device in 5 years) but had an MRI today and seems to be talk of Life Vest.  Not really liking this option and as most reviews on it are less than "good".

Does anyone have any experience with it, good or bad?


ICD defibrillator unit


My name is Kelly. Last year I had a duel chamber pacemaker installed because my heart was beating too slow. 

Now a year later, I have VT. They did an angiogram and everything seems fine with the plumbing. Now I need to have an EPS done. 

If I end up needing an ICD defibrillator unit along with my pacemaker, do they just replace the unit itself with a combination ICD and pacemaker? Or do they need to redo the leads too? Last year the first att...



I am new to the club and will be getting my pacemaker/defibrillator  (not good with all the terms yet...ICD) soon.

Heart disease came on very quickly and im am searching for resources and trying to learn as much as i can.  I finding the hospitals/doctors do not have meal plans...i have ideas and look them up but have not found good menus??

any info you can share on what to prepare for  or expect would be appreciated!!

So happy i found this club!!


Deep itch and pinching at site of ICD

It has been just over 4 months since my ICD was implanted. There was some discomfort after but now it seems to be getting worse. It doesn't wake me up in the night but when I wake up it does pinch and cause a deep itch. During the day It feels better if I walk around holding it in place and use ice. I have contacted the pacemaker clinic that provides my follow up and they tell me that unless it is hot to touch and/or swollen it is normal.  It isn't hot or swollen, just terribly u...


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