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Exercise for arm?

Does anybody have any suggestions for specific exercises to rehab the affected arm?


Allowable upper body exercises

I had a pacemaker replanted about 7 months ago, after the first one got infected and had to be replaced.
My cardiologist has strongly advised me against doing push ups or any exercise that involves strenuous exertion of my arms and upper body.
The reason being the possibility of tearing the leads out of the cardiac muscle walls.
Any suggestions or advice please, as 1 hour a day of marching is not helping me get rid of excess upper body fat ?
thanks, cheers


Waterski Cardio's opinion

Hi everyone hope ya'll are having a great day!
I have talked to my Dr. several times and he says I should be able to do anything - Thank God! - my heart is fine - I have bradycardia, my heart rate drops lower then it should and I had a "cardiac arrest" on 10/03/08 and that is why they decided to put in the ICD, at my first Dr.'s appt last week the St. Jude Rep. was there and did the interrogation on my ICD, I also talked to her about barefooting and she said it would be OK and the fact that...



Hi everyone! I am a new member, finding the Club site yesterday, I had an ICD installed on 10/09/08 - I'm doing well and was OK'ed to return to work on 11/21/08. I have a question - Does anyone in the PMC waterski (?) if you do, do you protect you PM / ICD with anything (?) if so what do you use?

Thanks! barefooter


From 160 to 60

Hi there,
I had my PM implanted 3 month ago because a complete AV block do to a complications after a "normal" ablation. My PM is reading my normal pulse and I have a max. limitation at 160, My doc told me that in 5 month we can try to go a bit higher but I have to wait.

The problem is that I used to do lots of climbing and hiking. Now I'm starting with easy tracks and I'm getting use to all the "new-strange" feelings. One thing that's bordering me a lot is that my pulse is goi...


riding bike

ok so ive had my icd for about 4 months now and recently decided to start some exercise i just had a baby on July/08 and 1 day later got the implant it so hard at times because i just don't seem to have the same strength i had before icd is it common to have this emotional stress? my doctor recommended a phycologist due to that it can be still post partum depression or even deprssion itself i recently tried riding a bike 10 minutes later im feeling faint and even started to see blurry...


Wrist heart monitor

I am looking for a wrist heart monitor that will work with my pacemaker. I have a partial AV block. I have tried a few and they just don't give a read out or they give a false one. I can't seem to find anyone who can help including my doctor.
I used one before the PM and would really like to again. Thanks Bob
If you have any info. Please email me at:


I want options!

I have served in the US Army for over seven years now, but my implant device is inevitably going to have me medically retired from the service. Not that I mind. Here is my dilemma, I want to go back to school. Actually I should say I want to go to school, I have dabbled and hand a decent amount of credits but nothing to dedicated. This is where my question comes in, when I go back to school I want to walk on to a football program. Its a passion of mine, I played through high school, any chance I...


Wii Fit

I am a new member. 6 weeks ago I received a pacemaker. I have many questions for you all...but I will ask just one today.
I wondering if any of you use the Wii Fit program???? Before surgery I used it every day I am wondering if it is too soon to start using the excercises. Thanks for the great job you all do. Very informative.


Garmin Heart Monitor Interference

Any one had problems using Garmin Heart Monitor.
I am a Marathon Runner and had a PM implant last week. Today I used my Garmin Forerunner 305 Heart Monitor for the first time since the implant. The readings recording are erratic and often intermittent. I had used it often pre-op without a problem and confirmed it is still working ok when my wife used it.

My PM is a Medtronic Kappa 703 dual chamber device.

Can any one recommend a HRM that will work ok with this PM?


Sportline HR Watch

Has anyone tried this one?

I've been through all the brands with the chest band and none work for me. I also tried a wrist model or two but they don't seem to be well rated in general (yeah, the manager at Sports Authority just loves to see me coming!). This one seems to have decent reviews so I'm thinking about trying again.


Incision site stretching

Not sure what to call it but got my pm in February and since then I can't seem to lift anything without it feeling like my chest is on fire.

I have been trying to stretch each day but it still hasn't helped. Any ideas?




a-fib and b/b

Hi All, I have reduced my B/B gradually to 12.5 (atenolol) and have been feeling better about the side effects. I would like to eliminate them completely and work on the triggers that cause a-fib. Had a slight bout of the pesky one this evening while playing tennis, felt fine until the end (21/2 hrs.) .......H/B high and dizzy. Took b/b and it cleared up within a half hour. Is there a rebound effect when one is weaning off of b/b.................not had any problems since r/r was turned on 2...


Sports and Beta Blockers

Hi Guys, thanks for the info regarding my rate response and tennis. I have had the r/r put back on and do feel better, but still feel compromised on my athletic prowess . Met with Medtronic rep who seemed put off and deferred my questions to my doctor.
Did get him to raise the top to 150 though.

Is there anyone who is involved in sports that is taking Beta Blockers, and do you feel that you are getting enough pumping power from your heart and valves. My legs still tire ea...


Pacemakers and Diet Pills?

My doctor recommended that I lose some weight to help my heart out so I have joined the gym and have already lost ten pounds.

The problem is that I have hit a plateau and can't seem to lose anymore. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a weight loss pill that they have tried that has worked?

I don't want something that I will have to take forever, just something that will jump start the weight loss again. I'm also worried about certain pills that make you're heart race...


ocean fishing


I had my PM installed one week ago. Two weeks ago I was on vacation jogging and working out. One day I began feeling tired and feeling a lack of air, just climbing two stair floors. I was kind of confussed when the Doctor told me I needed a PM
Is it often that this condition appears so sudden? on the other hand, Doctor told me I have to wait Three months until I can go ocean fishing again.
I appreciatte your comments regarding both issues.




hello all,
i recieved my pm about a year and a half ago for sss. I had passed out. I had a really tough time after the pm went in and it turns out the problem was anxiety related. Today i completed the 3rd half marathon I have completed since I got the pm. I hope this is encouraging to others who may be struggling with a new device.
Take care friends


President's Challenge

The President’s Challenge is a program that encourages all Americans to make being active part of their everyday lives. No matter what your activity and fitness level, the President's Challenge can help motivate you to improve:

There are categories for all ages:



I was helped...

Hi all,
As I wrote in an earlier post ProLine Sports ( a company in Cardiff (UK) has agreed to make a protective cover for me when I am doing judo. I think its only right and fair to give them some publicity as a small gesture of thanks, and hopefully if anyone else out there reads this will try them.
As I said I tried most of the bigger sports goods suppliers (who will remain nameless) who tended to be totally uninterested.
If you're into contact sport, d...


My first bike ride

I was cleared to ride my bike today at my checkup (on road only). So I raced home got my gear on and WOW what an incredible difference.

Before the PM it was difficult to get my heart rate above 100 and nearly impossible to get to 130.

Now on my first bike ride with my new PM I was able to break 100 bpm easy, found a nice cruising speed at 120 bpm and 132bpm. It even got up to 160 climbing a hill, which I haven't seen all year long riding 90 -120 miles a week.



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